Zebra Wanted For Rape (Again)

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zebraZebra is accused of sexually assaulting a 13 year child. Garfield ‘Zebra’ Vassell, who the police said is wanted for rape, was released from prison on September 6 after serving seven of a 10-year sentence for a similar crime.

It is said that several persons became concerned about the child when she began to behave in a strange manner. The police were informed and an investigation launched. The mother of the teenager was taken in after she admitted that she suspected that her child was sexually active but did nothing about it. As a result, she is being held on suspicion of aiding and abetting, while the police said that they are searching for the artiste.

Zebra rose to prominence in the 1990’s with a number of popular hits. While riding the wave of success, he was charged with the rape of an 18-year-old university student who was assaulted in the bushes near Barry, St Catherine, in January 2001. He was also convicted for assault at common-law, stemming from an incident involving is girlfriend.

Since his release, Zebra has attempted to reclaim his prominence in the dancehall which remains futile.

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6 Comments on "Zebra Wanted For Rape (Again)"

  1. dougie

    you have got to be fuckin kidding me….first r. kelly get caught with a seventeen yearold in his house last week….now this….the child molestation thing is going to far….zebra needs to be castrated

  2. khue

    jeez man…da bredda cyan learn..him find something inna prison that him likes…well love cause him must love prison..lol…

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