FEATURE: Top 10 Jamaican media beauties in 2016

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It may sound biased, but there’s no doubt that women from the 876 are the most beautiful women around. From head to toe, they possess gorgeousness, elegance and curvaceousness that make them a sight to behold for men across the world.

Some of these lovely ladies have blessed television screens in Jamaica and across the world with those very elements as hosts and reporters; making news, sports or entertainment segments that much more interesting to watch. Here’s our list of the top 10 Jamaican media beauties currently on air in 2016. These ladies were either born in Jamrock or have Jamaican bloodlines.

First, a few honourable mentions:






Honourable Mention: Ramona Samuels

Ramona Samuels

Known for her time on RETV and FAME FM as well as being the creative director of her own voice acting agency, The VoiceBox, Ramona Samuels has always possessed the sultry nature and beauty to keep our attention spans going since her days on RETV’s 5 to 7 Live. This seductive all-purpose media personality proves that thin is still in within a media sorority filled with curvaceousness.














Honourable Mention: Emprezz Golding




















Co-host of Television Jamaica’s Smile Jamaica morning program, Emprezz Golding has been attracting our attention since her days as on BETJ and Magnum Kings and Queens host, and remains the artical personality she has always been; her energy radiating through our screens and intellect triggering intelligent conversations and vibrant imaginations.











Honourable Mention: Talia Soares

Talia Soares

Co-host of TVJ’s entertainment show, Intense, and a lawyer, Talia Soares showcases her lovely looks while vying for the honour of Miss Jamaica World in 2015. With beauty this evident, we can see why. Follow her works via her official Twitter handle: i_Tal

To the list…















10. Dr. Sexy Ann 

Shelly-Ann Weeks aka Dr. Sexy is arguably Jamaica’s most popular sexologist, with her weekly column in the Jamaica STAR, regular TV appearances and her YouTube videos talking about various societal topics as it pertains to sex and relationships.

A sexy woman giving sexy advice: A dream combination.











9. Patricia Jaggernauth 

Patricia Jaggernauth

Beautiful Jamaican media personalities aren’t just in the 876 alone. Patricia Jaggernauth, weather girl/reporter on the Canadian news channel, CP24 (of Jamaican descent) is another such figure, taking this eye-popping picture during one of her most recent trips to the island.

We hope she travels to the 876 that much more often with her gorgeous self, as she did in 2014 and 2015. Follow her works here.


8. Maia Chung 

Maia Chung











Esteemed media personality, Maia Chung, known for her time on CVM TV is still going quite strong in the media world and as an autism awareness activist; continuing to turns heads wherever she goes through her own YouTube series, Maia Chung TV and various other means. Named the general manager of Mello TV in 2015, making her the youngest media boss in Jamaica, Chung’s sex appeal is undoubtedly getting stronger with age, and she doesn’t hesitate to show it.

7. Debbie Bissoon 

Debbie Bissoon

Mostly known for her time on TVJ’s E-Prime, this Clarendon-born beauty is still very prevalent across the airwaves, whether on FAME FM, RETV, or any other of RJR’s channels.

Also the brand manager of Bob Marley Group, a natural mystic seems to glow through the air when her radiance is on full display.













6. Denise Walters 


One of Jamaica’s leading ladies in the sports media industry, Denise Walters is a face to watch in local media, as the host of ‘Sports in 5’ on the Jamaica News Network (JNN) and can also be seen on RETV interviewing some of the biggest athletes in the 876. She’s also a die hard Manchester United fan and is just as passionate for her team as she is for her career.

A natural in sports knowledge as well as beauty and style. Follow her works here.







5. Alexis Nunes

Alexis Nunes


























We knew her as the knockout co-host on Sportsmax Zone and now captures our attention on ESPN, Alexis Nunes has long been captivating our TV screens with her hosting skills and her naturally gorgeous looks.

A proud Jamaican and Salvadorean, Nunes’ transition to the big leagues is much like her looks, flawless.














4. Amita Webb

Amita Webb









Our female media personalities are certainly eye-catching and popular Jamaican media personality, Amita Webb is no different. The Business Access host also is a part-time model and has long had the hearts of men pounding with her curvaceous looks since her days on FiWi Choice.






3. Chelan Smith 

Popular Jamaican blogger and TV host, Chelan Smith aka Mamachell has been catching the attention of the masses with her wit and personality on camera as well as her curves and gorgeous looks off camera.

Follow her works through her official Twitter handle: @mamachell














2. Yanique Barrett













There aren’t enough superlatives in the dictionary to describe the ‘Curvy Diva’ who constantly teases us on Instagram with the best booty in the business. Some have called her the Jamaican Nicki Minaj due to her voluptuousness, which we see every year as host of Magnum Kings and Queens and it’s not hard to see why.

Usually number one on this sort of list, the new Magnum Tonic Wine cover girl and FAME FM/RETV host continues to drive men wild with her beauty. However, one of her co-workers takes the top spot this time.







1.  Krystal Tomlinson

Krystal Tomlinson











2013 festival queen and multi-faceted media personality, Krystal Tomlinson is as natural a beauty and intelligent as they come in the 876. The perfect combination to have, which lands her as the queen of this list.

An entrant in the 2015 Miss Jamaica World pageant (a pageant many argued she should have won), Tomlinson has sparkled on our TV screens as the host of TVJ’s food/travel show, Nyammings as well as E-Prime and shows her high intellectual prowess, actively involving herself in various causes and offering takes on countless social and political issues.

The epitomy of a complete package. We salute you Krystal.


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