Luciano’s son stabbed to death in Kingston

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Luciano ReggaeRevered reggae stalwart, Luciano is in mourning today after his teenage son was stabbed to death during an incident in Kingston over the weekend.

According to police reports, Menelik McClymont, 19 was stabbed multiple times in the vicinity of Maths Unlimited, in the vicinity of Parkington Plaza in Half-Way-Tree on Saturday afternoon. He succumbed to his wounds on Sunday.

A sombre Luciano took to YouTube to speak about the incident (video below), hitting out at the senselessness of the killing.

“Dem kill mi son… The youth a go school and the man dem lay wait him… These culprits cyaan just get away, kill off innocent people and run gone hide and live like all is well,” he said. “Dem anxious fi kill, is like dem have this bitterness ina dem heart. It hurt me fi see how dem deal wid it.”

He urged to public for any help and information to help locate his son’s killer.

This news comes two weeks after Luciano was up for a Best Reggae Album Grammy award for his album, Zion Awake. The singer is also known for hits such as It’s Me Again Jah, Who Could It Be and Over The Hills.

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