Anju Blaxxx to await trial in scamming case behind bars

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Anju BlaxxxEmbattled Jamaican producer, Andrew Myrie, better known as Anju Blaxx has been ordered jailed by by a North Dakota judge as he awaits trials in an ongoing scamming case in the United States just over a week after being granted bail.

 Myrie was arrested in Florida on February 6 and charged with conspiracy, wire fraud, and money laundering regarding the purported scam, which took aim at elderly citizens in North Dakota; asking them to send millions of dollars in exchange for lottery winnings. The 30-year-old producer was initially ordered released at a hearing in Miami on February 11, but that move was stayed on appeal by prosecutors. At a hearing on Wednesday, Myrie was ordered detained as he was deemed a possible flight risk by authorities.

 According to a court order, the judge in Myrie’s case, Judge Daniel L Hovland said, “The court has conducted a de novo review of the record, including the transcript of the pre-trial detention/removal hearing, and finds the Government [North Dakota Federal prosecutors] has demonstrated the defendant [Myrie] poses a substantial flight risk and no condition or combination of conditions will reasonably assure [his] appearance in the District of North Dakota.” 

 “The court notes the defendant [Myrie] is subject to an immigration detainer and possible removal to Jamaica,” it continued.

 The UIM Records CEO is expected to be transported to North Dakota for arraignment in a few weeks time, when a trial date is expected to be set.

 Just last May, ZIP FM disc jockey, Deon-ville O’Hara, more popularly known as ZJ Wah Wa was slapped with charges of conspiracy, wire fraud and money laundering in relation to the same case. He later plead guilty and will be sentenced by a North Dakota court on February 23.

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