Anton Marks proves he is ‘Bad II The Bone’ in new novel

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Bad To The Bone coverWhy a novel like this? A supernatural thriller with three preternaturally gifted, racially diverse chicks that normally would not be included in the world of magic and demons.

Well why not?  The ordinary man needs reassurance from the things that go bump in the night too, right?

Our hunger for horror has only got more pronounced over the years and if you’re going to add a new voice to such a venerable genre then let it come from a slightly different angle.

Introducing the author, Anton Marks, who combines a fanatical love for horror, crime, sci-fi fiction and film, whose Caribbean roots and his affinity for the ghetto lifestyle creates a unique voice. Marks created female characters that were not too distant from his own experiences. They loved clothes, music and loved each other yet they had the courage and strength of will to battle the unknown.

The idea crystallized in his mind as war on gang violence and terrorism in his home town of London. didn’t seem like too big a fictional leap as he considered the ordinary man’s fight against evil. That led him to think how would the common man protect themselves against supernatural threat in the world he was creating?

That’s why the girls came about.

Bad II the Bone are what Bantu speaking mystics call  ‘Watunza Mwanga,’  the modern day incarnations of the  ones who have maintained the balance of good and evil since time immemorial. And they were gifted to tackle the supernatural threats to the common man anywhere it may present itself.

Gang violence has a lot of people living in the inner cities worried. And it seems communities around the world are suffering the effects of one nightmare after another. There’s a feeling that we have no one to turn to for support or a solution. A feeling that soon all our nightmares will manifest and we will be helpless against a tidal wave of violence and intolerance that will overwhelm us all.

You can see why society has a hunger for stories about zombies, vampires and conspiracies.

Anton’s response to that trend is Bad II the Bone.  They are a street level deterrent, an estrogen fuelled blunt instrument against the human monsters and metaphysical nightmares that want to encroach on the bright lights of our world of Smartphone’s and instant connectivity.

The characters of Y, Suzy Wong and Patra have been given the tools to fight fire with fire.

Anton had always been inspired by music especially the rhythms of Jamaica. Reggae has had a deep seated connection with spiritual evil and taking on the responsibility of destroying it and that amongst other tidbits fashioned the tone of the story.  As The Wailer, Peter Tosh sang:

Unuh old vampire,

Only like to see blood running.

But sure you know it’s fire burning,

Unuh set ah vampire.

Throughout writing the novel the words from another creative, the bestselling author, Laurel K Hamilton and her popular creation, Anita Blake, seemed to hold an odd significance to his creations.

“Stop trying to throw logic at nightmares. Sometimes the monsters are real, Anita. Sometimes they’re real and the only way to defeat them is to be the bigger monster.”

In the real world you are unable to take those words to heart and can only hope the ideal of justice will prevail. But on the streets of Bad II the Bone, they are the final line of defense against monsters of the human persuasion and the ones squeezing through the cracks into our reality.

 Beauty is only skin deep but evil is Bad II the Bone.

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