Boss Minion drops trio of new singles

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Boss MinionMultitalented entertainer, Boss Minion insists that the masses will see more growth and personality from his music in 2015 as he is set to release three new singles showcasing his versatility as an artist.

On Saturday, Boss Minion plans to release three songs contrasting in styles but with similar intentions; to engage audiences with innovating concepts and lyrical takes on everyday issues. One of said singles is Mi Want More From Life, a song speaking to his and everyone’s desire to improve the quality of living for self and family.

“One of the songs is called, “Mi Want More From Life” meaning that we as a human being want more from life to make things better for us and our children, but what are we willing to do to get it knowing money is the root of all evil?” he says. “Some will do whatever it takes while some will step on another man and walk over others to get money or get where they need to go, but a honest hard working man deserves more from life if he works hard to get it.”

Unlike that song, which talks about the desire to put food on the table, the other single, Mr. Joe Grina stirs the pot in a very different way with its subject matter.

“The song talks about all di man dem who deh watch other men with dem woman, and the women dem who deh chat other man fi fun, say di man dem a dog an dem all give bun,” he explains. “The song is a real exciting dancehall single that can be looked at in a funny way.”

Another single entitled, These Younger People focuses on the youth of Jamaica and what can be done to ensure a better future for them.

“We as a country or a nation need to support the these kids of today and steer them in the right direction so they don’t turn out bad for the future,” Boss Minion quips.

Boss Minion and his production team thoroughly believes each of these songs have the potential to be big hits locally and across the world give the real emotion on display.

In the meantime, the artist seeks to push out more videos and productions from his self-titled Boss Minion Entertainment record label. Though there have been some struggles and bumps along the way, he remains confident in his abilities and approach and lets his faith be his proverbial compass within the industry in 2015.

“For 2015, I ask and pray that God guide me and show me the way He wants me to go with my music career. I pray that he keeps blessing me with wisdom and knowledge, so I can keep on keeping it real to all who love my music,” he said. “I also pray that he guides me and keeps me safe along the way.”

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