Bounty Killer & Mr. Vegas Make Peace

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I Am Blessed singjay Vegas and the Warlord Bounty Killer hung out together backstage at the HOT 97’s ‘On Da Reggae Tip’ concert, talking, vibing and even taking pictures for the press and fans.

“Me and him hold a reasoning backstage. Killa ah mi dupes, I don’t have no problem with Killa, you know him personality, and if yu follow him up wid him aggressive personality, yu know wha a go happen. Nuff people tek it on and it nuh work out fi dem,” Vegas said.

Vegas and Bounty Killer had had an acrimonious relationship in the past and Killer had referred to him using several derrogatory names in the past but now they seemed to have buried the hatchet.

“Anyway, I respect Bounty Killer because yu have nuff artiste who buss internationally like Sean Paul and dem coulda bring yutes wid dem, like how Akon pick up Kardinal Offishal and buss him internationally. Mi rate Killer because him break crazy yute inna the business and yu caan deny him that. Me and him had issues but mi remember when me and him and Tyrical used to de rounda Junior Reid studio, so mi see the good side of Killer. Me and Mavado good, mi come from Big Yard, Mavado come from Cassava Piece and him never show mi no hype yet, him and Serani dem always show mi maximum respect, so right now, mi ah say good over evil.”

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4 Comments on "Bounty Killer & Mr. Vegas Make Peace"

  1. gully mi seh

    fi real a long tie mi would love this to happen killa and vagas. vagas u a real youth fi real killa a the man and we all should see that long time. u have to do things fi u and him fall out see now unnu a friend a so the thing fi go. him have him ways but we should try to ignore that cause little after him good again. big up to u too star, keep it that way, and i could tell this would happen trust mi mi happy fi this

  2. Vegas is a certified International Dancehall act. been in the game for over 10 years and has a strong fan base in north america, asia and europe, caribbean too. Anyone who survive Killa reign of Terror is worthy of respect, cause we all know all now lexus don’t recover, and babycham might have the ghetto story but him is not relevant right now and before that he was not relevant. so Consistency make Dancehall artist, not making a one hit every now and them. Vegas good, however Sean Paul is my youth and Sean have buss the producer them, check out him album is pure youth from yard. Stephen, Lefside/dr evil etc so ano only artist can get bus the producer them to so vegas watch whey you a say before you mend one wound and open another. Peace Alliance fi life.

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