Courtney John releases his new album, ‘Ecosystem’

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The reggae rocker, Courtney John unleashes his new album, Ecosystem today as he prepares for a promotional tour in the USA this fall.

Serving up a classic sound that will appeal to reggae aficionados and a wider audience of music lovers, Ecosystem is the embodiment of Courtney John’s fascination with our planet and the times. He has created a lyrical painting of our world, reflecting and imploring us to look upon ourselves and know that we have what it takes and what we need to change.

The album portrays life’s butterfly effect with sublime poetry”, says MadCast-Fuji, co-host of Toronto’s Ital Roots Radio.

Courtney John’s lyrics convey the urgency of waking up and standing up to “the monster” which seeks to destroy most of humanity just to save itself. Yet, in the hardship and challenges we face there is always hope and the message is conveyed lyrically and through John’s ephemeral voice.

John’s heartfelt, impassioned storytelling talks of life situations we seldom hear about. He tells the often ignored stories of the people displaced by warfare – economic and military – walking with hope and determination toward a better future; the effect of incarceration on families and those in the cage.

Courtney writes all 11 songs on the album produced and mixed by Parisian, Pierre Marie Williamson, which was recorded between Jamaica and France, and took over a year to complete. In conversation, he reflects on his relationship with Toronto, recognizing that “Canada gave me a greater appreciation for people of different cultures and ethnicity.” 

United Reggae called the first single, Yes We Are, “solid” – a song that tackles the refugee and migrant crisis.

On Ecosystem, Courtney John returns from his futuristic exploration, The Courtney John Project, to face the present reality on earth – in this ecosystem of life. Here, Courtney John returns to his roots and continues to create music that demands your attention and compels you to listen and penetrate the message being delivered; it is crucial listening.

Courtney would like listeners to know that there are still musicians and artists who are committed to making quality, Reggae music that involves giving every last bit of oneself. Ecosystem was made with intention. We are all a part of earth’s ecosystem – what happens to one of us will affect the life of another, multiplied ad infinitum.

Ecosystem is distributed by Soul Man Records/FiWi Music and is available now.

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