Diana King admits to being raped as a teenager

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Diana KingAcclaimed Jamaican songstress, Diana King made a shocking revelation on Wednesday when she confessed she was brutally gang raped at only 13 years old.

The singer stunned her fans with the admission on her Facebook page as she was responding to comments made by Grammy-winning singjay, Shaggy on Sway in the Morning earlier this month. In the interview, which you can watch in its entirety here, Sway asked Shaggy about the state of Jamaica’s LGBT community and whether it was making progress in Jamaica.

He answered, “Sweetheart, let me tell you something, you are talking to the number-one lesbian. Ain’t nobody love more women than me, and I am Jamaican so I represent for all the lesbians right there. There has been a movement; I am leading the movement for lesbians.” 

He then attempted to clear up any misconceptions regarding Jamaica and alleged violence againt homosexuals, saying, “I live in Kingston, and there are a lot of gay people in Jamaica, and nobody is walking around killing gays. If you look at the statistics, there has not been any killing of gays in Jamaica. The only killings you hear is gay-on-gay crime, which is crime of passion. So don’t listen to the propaganda and be misled.”

Responding to Shaggy’s quips, King posted an article about his interview with the caption ‘Really Shaggy’ before revealing she was raped after being spotted staring at a girl too long.

 “I was gang raped for looking at a girl too long,. Blocked it for too long,” King revealed in her Facebook post, which has received over 100 comments to date. “I was only 13. That’s murder of the soul #‎Homophobia101‬” 

 She added, “And you don’t even have to physically kills us. We die inside everyday because we are denied our human rights #‎LGBTJamaica.”‬

King, known for hits such as Say a Little Prayer and the chart-topping single, Shy Guycame out as a homosexual in 2012, becoming the first notable Jamaican entertainer to do so.

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