Dudsymil and Tiffanie Malvo take things ‘Nice & Slow’

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Things take time to evolve; to grow into something that’s worthy of trust, time and emotional investment. A song as fittingly titled as Nice & Slow captures that steady progress from lust to love with Dudsymil and Tiffanie Malvo translating the beauty of that transition to music lovers all over the world.

Being the daughter of reggae singer Anthony Malvo, Tiffanie Malvo has the credibility as well as the soothing vocals to complement Dudsymil’s passion and vocal depth. These qualities combine for an insightful song that will have different interpretations depending on the listener, but will convey a theme that love is precious but cannot be predicted or rushed. For anyone who’s been in love, or at least thought they were, that is something that any fan of music can appreciate.

A collaboration masterminded by Dudsymil in connection with his GXM MU6 label, Nice & Slow offers a throwback reminiscent of your favourite R&B hits of the 90s and 2000s. With life becoming increasingly fast-paced and cynical, a song like Nice & Slow allows you to reminisce about the simple things that make a relationship so special from the first meeting onward.

This song is another piece of magic from Tiffanie, who performed very admirably at the Toronto International Centre to kick off June alongside dancehall megastars, Popcaan and Spice and showcased commanding stage presence.  She has also been publicly endorsed by one of the leading ladies in the business, Tanya Stephens. And singles such her independent lady anthem, Own Money, are markers that her talent warrants strong plaudits.

As for Dudsymil, he’s continuing to put out his own singles while increasingly transitioning into the production realm, building up his own label and brand. There is a more target-based approach to the music GXM MU6 releases. There’s a greater focus on quality as they aim to put out music that meets the highest industry standard, founded more on substance than ego. Having become experienced within the industry, Dudsymil greatly values these ideologies.

Nice & Slow stays true to that idea as it goes back to the roots of what makes love such a treasured thing to begin with. It has depth, raw emotion and makes you think beyond the stereotypical. This song will be available on all music platforms on June 29 to kick off the summer. You will be able to cherish music that will touch the heart and soul long beyond its release!

Nice and Slow: #TiffanieMalvo ➕ #dudsymil This collab will absolutely bare many meanings and interpretations depending on the listener. However mi did inna a constant state of deep medz based on the events thats were happening in and around my life at the time. I was experiencing musical numbeness; simply put music just neva do it fi me. EVERY SOUND EVOKED AN EMOTION – IT WAS F@#&”?G ANNOYING. So I linked Black Orchid; told her I need a nostalgic vibe; we brainstormed, we vibed, after a few heart to hearts the translation of a smooth remake of an r&b classic was delivered. The moment I heard it I was up! I guess it was like the viagra I needed. I immediately freestyled fire, from the depth of my soul, unda a vibe like “people need to take it slow”. Technology has made us literally fast creatures. We have lost the essensce of time in all aspects of life; mind body and soul. Went to the studio and let out a fire there!After the first verse I told the engineer that’s it, he said what? Ye that’s it! I need to hear a female’s take. Tiffanie Malvo’s contribution is nothing short of devine magic! Ohsnaps💋.. @tiffaniemalvomusic . . . . #Reggaelove #dancehalllove #lovesong #passion #fire #music #musicLover

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