Ex Badboy rapper Loon Has Converted To Islam

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5 Comments on "Ex Badboy rapper Loon Has Converted To Islam"


    BIG thanks gos to my muslim Brother loon..i was very very happy which i cant even show or let me say tell how much happy i’m the first day i heard that loon has converted to Islam, you know why ? because he’s my best artist, he’s a start, i love him, and i know all the rest of my muslim Brithers in all over the world would love him as well when they hear that he’s now converted to Islam..and i Give thanks to Allah for showing him the right way and at that monet i pray to Allah and ask him to keep on showing the R&B artist, hip hop artist, and all the rest of christian all over the world the right way just the way he showed my Muslim Brother loon.. MY name is MOHAMMED AWAL USMAN but pepople shut it and call me AWAL you can also call me that if u wnat, am 23 years old am from west AFRICA my country is Ghana.. LOVE YOU LOON!!! welcome to new life


    i like this.i am a muslim and seyid.i hope that he don’t turn to vehabism. i am a hip-hopper and rapper too. i am from Azerbaijan,baku. i wish him to be a real muslim and rapper.ALLAH help to every muslim. don’t change your stile Loon!!!!! you good like this. ISLAM & HIP-HOP FOREVER!

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