FEATURE: Top 10 hottest Jamaican mothers in media and entertainment

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Mothers have arguably the toughest job on Earth; taking care of a child and nurturing it in various ways. It’s even harder coupling such a responsibilities with work and other demands.

As a celebrity mom those demands are even greater. But many have not only managed the stress that comes with all this, they have found ways to keep or naturally enhance their looks after having their children. In Jamaica, this is no different as some of the sexiest ladies in politics, media, music, pop culture and other realms. The likes of Lisa Hanna, Imani Duncan-Price, Sara Lawrence and Kamila McDonald-Alcock immediately come to mind, but we focus on those in media and music who warrant the MILF tag.

For this list, we won’t be including mothers who are indirectly associated with either industry due to marriage, so stunning beauties such as the wife of Aidonia, Kimberly Megan-Lawrence and the wife of Agent Sasco, Nicole Campbell are not eligible for this list. Before we get to the main list, some honourable mentions.


Spice – Two children later and dancehall’s top diva right now, Spice hasn’t missed a beat. Jamaica’s queen of the stage has a top-form figure she doesn’t hesitate to flaunt on social media and during her performances. One of the most curvaceous mothers you’ll see around.

Sakina Deer

Sakina Deer – The award-winning actress and Smile Jamaica host often brands herself as ‘Slim Ting Saki’ or ‘Slim Thick,’ on social media. She may not have the curves of some of her counterparts on this list, but Deer is unquestionably a natural beauty with a firm body who’s managed to stand out even more since having her daughter.

Emily Shields

Emily Shields – The award-winning journalist has a figure that packs as much ammunition as the Gunners of Arsenal she and her former police commissioner husband, Mark Shields support. Also a lawyer, Shields continues to age like a fine wine and her sweet, sexy voice is now heard on a regular basis as the successor to the legendary Barbara Gloudon on the RJR 94FM daily talk show, Hotline.

Terri-Karelle Reid

10. Terri-Karelle Reid – A former Miss Jamaica World and proud wife, the Digicel Rising Stars host continues to stun on the mic like she did on the runway. Mother of a four-year old daughter, Reid lets her natural beauty speak for itself and has even developed some curves along the way. A true beauty queen who has maintained her royal look over a decade after hitting the pageant scene.

Tami Chynn and Wayne Marshall

9. Tami Chynn – She’s stepped away from the spotlight for a long time, focusing on being a mom to her two boys with dancehall star, Wayne Marshall. Nonetheless, Chynn still involves herself to some degree in the industry and has kept the ‘girl next door’ look that won over the masses when she first made waves in 2003. Her beauty continues to astound people as she barely looks much different than she did when singing Hyperventilated.

Caresa 'Charm' Peake

8. Caresa ‘Charm’ Peake – Known for sexy antics while hosting shows such as Wat a Gwaan and Hitlist, the former CVM media personality and PR expert still looks like an absolute babe. Largely away from the media spotlight since the birth of her son in 2015, Charm has maintained her killer curves and bubbly personality that made her the source of affection for so many. Full of beauty, and booty too.

Nikki Z

7. Nikki Z – The disc jock extraordinaire has found a second wind and then some in her late 30s, particularly thanks to a dedicated workout regiment that’s shaped her like an hourglass that Days of Our Lives would be jealous of. Nikki Z juggles in various areas and is jiggling in one area in particular these days, making her a certified MILF. Balancing all of her job titles with being the mother to a teenage son, Nikki is proving very much that she can do it all and look real good doing it too.


6. Ce’Cile – Approaching her mid-40s, this dancehall/reggae bombshell keeps rewriting the book on how to stay appealing as you get older. Sharing a daughter with reggae singer, Christopher Martin, the I’m Waiting singer keeps us all waiting for more as her beauty continues to defy the norm despite getting older.

Maia Chung

5. Maia Chung – Also in her late 30s and slaying is the lovely Maia Chung. How this of jack of all trades handles all on her plate is mind-blowing. The renowned media personality is also an artist, writer and philanthropist, who runs the Maia Chung Autism and Disabilities Foundation founded in honour or her now teenage autistic son, Quinn. Merge all that with having lost both parents in 2016 and Chung still finds a way to hustle and bustle and still be the sex symbol she’s always been through the strife. Men everywhere saw a lot more of Chung in 2017 as she unveiled an erotic calendar from which all proceeds go towards care for those in Jamaica affected by cancer. She also has become a national award-winning artist and host her own entertainment show, E-Party.

Yendi Phillipps

4. Yendi Philipps – Since having her daughter in 2012, Phillipps hasn’t lost a bit of the beauty that landed her a Miss Jamaica World crown in 2007 and Miss Universe 2010 runner-up. Getting back in shape through yoga and other fitness methods, she is back to being all over the place as a media personality and ambassador the island and still glows every time we see her.

3. Amita Persaud-Webb – Sharing her daughter, Avani with heartthrob record-breaking sprinter, Asafa Powell, Webb continues to warm the hearts of men everywhere with her gorgeous looks and, to borrow the title of a Destiny Child song – is quite bootylicious. Many aren’t ready for her jelly; mixed with her peanut butter skin, Webb’s looks are a tasty combination. The Business Access TV producer/presenter has been enjoying motherhood, as evidenced by her daily Instagram posts and continues to model and showcase why we love seeing her on television.

Yanique Barrett

2. Yanique Barrett – The ‘Curvy Diva’ is an undisputed beauty whose grade A body has captivated audiences since her debut on Magnum Kings and Queens of dancehall in 2011. Armed with the best booty in the business that shakes up more than an earthquake, Barrett is the ultimate tease who really has let loose in 2016. Barrett is the proud mother of her 11-year-old daughter, Jade Marie, who she largely shades from the spotlight she has owned and showcased her vast antics over the years.


1. Ishawna – The sexiest diva in dancehall is also the hottest MILF in the music industry. The mother of a now teenage son, Ishawna rarely talks about her child for the sake of privacy, though said privacy was blown up after her much-publicized break-up from her son’s father, Foota Hype. The Equal Rights singer’s body has looked flawless since first breaking in the business in the late 2000s and is even more top-notch now.



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