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Flippa said he respected Bounty Killer as an ‘elder’ in the business and for his contribution to the music industry but he would not back down from a challenge.

Flippa Mafia performed at the Best of the Best concert in Miami over the weekend, making a direct reference to Bounty Killer as he closed his set with Unfinished House.

“Mi do three songs and cut because mi never pleased, dem turn down the mike pon me because Jabba and Bounty Killer dem a friend. Mi walk onstage wid ’Mi No Waan No Man Like Me’, then me do Dem Yah and get a nice response. Then mi do Unfinished House and mi say ‘Bounty Killer ah hype over Unfinished House’ and left the stage. Since him ah tek it up on him head, mi just do it,” Flippa said.

“The song was never about Bounty Killer, the only song mi do directly for Bounty Killer was Walk Wid Liquor because Bounty walk wid Hennessy and mi see Notnice dem tek it up so mi do a song about it. I have a next song called Mi No Fraida Dem on the Style Dem riddim that sick too. Three quarter of the man dem fraida Killa, but mi nah war wid Killa, mi ah the flossing king, mi nah stop be me, I am not a clash deejay, but mi nah back down from Killa.”

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