Foota Hype and Mavado no longer friends

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The 28-year-old sound system selector, Foota Hype, took a swipe at the self-proclaimed ‘Gully God’ for neglecting him and claimed that the artiste has lost his way since his emergence on to the dancehall scene.

“I just want the public to know that I am no longer affiliated with Mavado. I don’t want anybody to call me about him because from the other day, it’s like he has gone on an ego trip. He’s not the singing blacks who I once knew.”

“Mavado a mek the money get to him head now and him feel like everything what him say is right. I carry you to stardom, I was the one who put Gully Side on the map and you carry it around the world,” he added.

Another of Foota Hype concern is that Mavado, has always credited his success to the mentorship of Alliance general Bounty Killer, but he was eager to dismiss those claims.

“Is not Bounty Killer buss Mavado, nor Julian or DASECA, I only know of two people who always fight for his career and that is me and Flex,” he said.

When asked how he thought Bounty Killer would respond to his parting ways with Mavado, He said: “Honestly, I have no idea. It’s not a situation where everyone is involved. It’s between me and Mavado

“At the end of the day, every man is their own big man. So if a man want to say Foota Hype a move a way, that’s their thing. But me know what’s happening … so I can’t roll with people like that.”

Foota Hype, who said his last studio effort with Mavado was on his Gully Creature rhythm in 2007, still intends to remain part of the Alliance group. But, said that he has lost trust in Mavado and has no interest in dealing with him.

“Of course, me still say Alliance, that won’t change. Me still live a Cassava Piece, still deh pon di Gully Side me nah say Gaza, but me just don’t have anything to deal with Mavado,” he said.

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9 Comments on "Foota Hype and Mavado no longer friends"

  1. ratigan

    nah lie a true ting di man a talk…..mavado need fi know himself….people put you where you are…and the same people you diss on the way up…when you drop its the same people you see coming down….memba dat

  2. bankz

    foota vex….man get leff pon di gully….foota mad cause boom boom gone pon tour wid mavado and nto him….tisk tisk…..

  3. 00711

    boy this is a touchy subject…is he jealous and mad mind or is mavado really ahead of himself? i asking my self that question..but anyways…this was not a surprise. – ” money dont change we we a money changer”

  4. da don

    seems like fame get to the gully gad head…i hope they can resolve there issues and become friends again..

  5. bwoy foota neva need fi do nuh interview him n mavado a like bredda suh dem fi work it out like bredda…up to now mi nuh see where mavado hype him seem more humble dan most even wen ppl a hate him di most…plus him affi work foota fi just select n do him ting…if yo fi rise yo will rise…big up…

  6. scorcher

    portmore mi gi u full credit fi dat mi nah diss nuh man but some start move like gal a trace an ting.when dem thick nuh man nuh now so now dem fi work out dem ting alone no website shit.

  7. haffi rate him honesty .. non the less bun the hypocrite ting .. play music as long as music shot .. caan try kill nuh artist work due to team cau him push nuff movado weh nuh ready .. and thats most since lyrically his music lacking . . melodies shot !!

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