Foota Hype leaves Cassava Piece

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Popular sound system selector Foota Hype has withdrawn his final string of attachment connecting him to his native community of Cassava Piece.

The selector, who has spent most of his life in the community, which is located in St Andrew, painted out a mural of his name on a broken wall, as he no longer wished to be mentioned in anything relating to the area.

In recent times, both Foota Hype and dancehall artiste Mavado have been at odds, and there have been reports in the media about violent attacks that could be related to the feud. This Foota Hype says, has led him to fear for his own life and personal security.

“Yea, mi a low di community. Right now di ‘Gully’ a stay inna mi heart but mi affi leave di community – a it dat,” he said.

Just weeks ago, Foota Hype says he reported an incident to the Constant Spring Police, alleging that members of Mavado’s entourage fired shots directly at his mother’s house, which he said was hours after the said deejay kept a treat in the community.

Days later, Mavado’s Range Rover was shot up, and reports began to surface that it had been a reprisal of the shooting earlier. “It a get too much – cause di only way dem a offer mi is death or prison. Suh mi a tek whe myself from all negativity,” Foota Hype said.

Foota Hype said he believed the painting only portrayed him in a bad way, even though it was initially spray painted out of respect to him. “Di painting pon di wall mek it look like mi a don when it was out of respect dem did do it. It’s a decision I take where yuh av to tink ’bout protection a yuh family and income,” he added.

Foota Hype again hit out at the way Mavado, who was a longtime friend, has changed since his emergence on the dancehall scene in 2005. He was, however, unconcerned about the impact his decision would have made on his career, saying he still remains loyal as a member of the Alliance, which is led by Bounty Killer.

“Mi wah everybody remember sey Alliance means Bounty Killer and friends. Me and Mavado thing nuh determine dat (him still being part of Alliance). Mi still love ‘Gully’, still say Alliance, but when things start happen in yuh community whe start affect yuh life, yuh youth and yuh mada, yuh affi tek whe yuh self,” he said.

Foota Hype also said his recent feud with Mavado has tarnished his reputation.

“Everything a cost mi now, when mi deh a jail it cost mi, because mi affi find lawyer fee. It a mash mi image and I’m just a selector, mi nuh don,” he said.

Via Jamaica Star

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