Gaga Productions cuts sizzling debut with the Babashop Riddim

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Babashop RiddimLooking to make an immediate impact in the dancehall scene, newly-established music label, GaGa Productions is cutting into the industry with its sparkling debut compilation, the Babashop Riddim, featuring a strong crop of fresh and established talents based in Jamaica and Canada to bring a new aura to the music scene.

Formed in late 2015 by Canada-based recording artiste, Alty B, GaGa Productions was created not only to push good music but trigger a movement that mixes new school trends with old school values true to the essence of dancehall music; showcasing the genre in its purest form. The Babashop Riddim, mixed and mastered by established Canadian dancehall label, Smokeshop Productions, does just that; its sound combining elements from 90s dancehall and today’s music; as evidence by its instrumentals and the lyrical delivery that accompanies each track.

Dancehall music’s future is well represented on the Babashop Riddim with Magnum Kings and Queens of Dancehall winner, Devin Di Dakta continuing to stamp his authority on the scene with his controversial single, She Tell Me, a song any ‘gyallis’ out there can relate to. Promising teenage protégé, Wayne J also proves why he’s a must see artist for years to come with his ambitious effort, Superstar, where he declares how we wants to ‘have dinner with Andrew and Portia’ and wants to be ‘rich like Scotia’ as he declares his big dreams for what is sure to be a successful reality.

Another rising talent, Razor B gets intimate and raunchy for the ladies with another standout of the project, Gal A Bawl Out while Alty B himself drops flames on his own rhythm with the effort, Gal Clown where the Drewsland native declares he’s the “Son of GaGa, mi nuh mean Lady Gaga, have one bag a gyal a fight ova da rod yah.”

Delly Ranx pulls out the Red Flag for the ladies not smelling right or able to keep a man with his effort, while former Magnum Kings and Queens finalists Specialist and Ffrench showcase their swag and confidence with Simple Thing That and Hot Gyal respectively. The Babashop Riddim also features Toronto-based talents such as Dudsymil and Fancy Lady with Bubble as well as Popsy Badda with the ‘watch your back’ single, Dutty Friends while acts such as Bad Soul, Fawda Price, Cubanis, Deference, Iron Balloon and many more are on the 19-track compilation.

The Babashop Riddim is available across all major digital music outlets, including iTunes (you can purchase here). This project not only puts GaGa Productions on the map, it sets a new direction for dancehall music and promises to light up every avenue throughout the summer.

Info about GaGa Productions

Armed with an appreciation for the roots of Jamaican music and a heritage embedded in dancehall, emerging label, GaGa Productions insists on changing the game with its mix of old school values mixed with nowadays trends and sounds as they look to transcend the music scene.

Formed in late 2015 by acclaimed recording artiste, Alty B, GaGa Productions was named after the Canada-based singjay’s late father, Altiman ‘Gaga’ Grason, who formerly ran the acclaimed GT International sound system, who made their name in the 1980s aligning with many of the top foundation acts in dancehall music.

GaGa Productions’ debut project, the Babashop Riddim is a testament to that lineage as well as that ability to mix generations of sounds as it features a number of hot young acts such as Devin Di Dakta, Wayne J, Specialist, Razor B and many more as well as crafty veterans like Delly Ranx, Iron Balloon and others. With a 2016 sound embedded with lyrical flows reminiscent of the 90s and early 2000s, the Babashop Riddim is a must listen for music lovers everywhere; mixed and mastered by acclaimed Canadian dancehall label, Smokeshop Productions.

GaGa Productions aims to grow its horizons beyond this compilation, according to Alty B, who says the label is only scratching the surface with its impact.

We plan to showcase young talent and bring something different to the dancehall, but generally, GaGa is for the young artistes,” he insists while the label also plans to take on artist management and development for younger artists hoping to establish and maintain a successful career and brand.

GaGa Productions is more than a label, but a movement aimed to usher in a new generation of talent across Jamaica and Canada and make dancehall nice again.


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