I’m Yours Remix- Jason Mraz, Jah Cure & Lil Wayne

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58 Comments on "I’m Yours Remix- Jason Mraz, Jah Cure & Lil Wayne"

  1. Mel

    I am in LOVE with this song… i loved the original, but DAMN this song is AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Where can i download it?!?!!?

    • hannah

      Madness? Serious? yes, the original was lush.. but this song is amazing.. it isn’t madness- it’s different, so you clearly are sad if you comment on a song you don’t like:) if it was really that ‘mad’ you wouldn’t waste your time listening to it!

    • k-purn

      I agree, I just came to this website to hear this version of the song after being told about it from a guy at work. I am pretty disappointed. I honestly don’t think that there was anything good added to the song, and the new lyrics are stupid. I am a HUGE Jason mraz fan, and i dont want to hear this version again.

  2. jailbird22

    This song is off the hook…ima send the lyrics in ma 2yr. anniversary card that im sendin to ma man whose in jail!!!!

  3. NYC_Mike

    This remix is horrible! How can you even call it a remix? Mraz is off the hook. Lil Wayne has no talent and is for looser white wannabe fat homos.

    Jam Box Studio’s

    • Amber

      There are many remixes of this song…this is best of all. I bet Marley would have done this had he been alive!!!! HA!!!

  4. Soggy Waffels

    NYC-mike the only thing that comes out of Nyc is steers and queers….and i dont see horns so keep your rude comments to Jam Box Studios

    • Amber

      Soggy, I was going to say something to NYC_Mike but decided against it…glad you said your peace to him. I don’t totally agree about what comes from NYC but I understand the initial reaction. The song is awesome and obviously NYCmike is deaf.

      Why can’t I get this song on Itunes? So not fair!!

  5. Jap-Youth

    awwww you get at that nigga b4 me..lmao..rude and out of order…they should just delete his raas

  6. christina

    Yeah I do like this song. But whats up with all the other comments. Like the one with ur man in Jail. woah . totally to much info plus why would you want people to no that? and the person who was writing so that it sounded reggae when u read it loud. Um you talk reggae but u cant write reggae–> same english language just different accents, right? anyway. This song is pretty cool after u get over the cheesy computer sounds in the start.
    I’m put that on myspace.

  7. German

    This song is pure beauty, Jah Cure a very sensual reggae artist delivers very well that matches Mraz’s style.

    • Amber

      r you serious? it’s on limewire??? Not even for sale on itunes? That’s crazy. I’d buy it because it’s worth it!!!

  8. linz

    this song is awesome! it makes me feel like im on vacation in the islands… perfect blend of different talents

  9. ni3lli3 b0o

    omg i sooo luv dys sng i been listen ta dis lik stewpid erridai since it kum owt jedzz dis is a real remix!!! mi fav rappa n mi fav reggae artis wit a awesome sng…. pure awesomeness!!!

  10. bahaha

    this song isnt thatt good… ugh my friens thinks this just came out like last week but it did LAST YEAR

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