Iyara Distances Himself From Bottling Incident with Richie Feelings

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iyaraUp and coming dancehall deejay Eric Sommers – more popularly known as Iyara – is firing back at accusations launched against him stemming from an incident involving popular selector Richie Feelings who was hit in the face with a bottle at Uptown Mondays in Savannah
Plaza on Monday night (July 20).

According to Iyara, who is seeking to distance himself from the incident, the media has it wrong. “Right yah now mi ah distance myself from the whole ting cause I know nothing bout it. Me as a young act appreciate every selector becuase ah Bounty killer and Sizzla ah mi idol and mi neva see dem do dem ting ya yet“.

Iyara, who disclosed that he was present at the venue, says he was however on the outside whenrichie-feelings-bottled the stampede occurred. “I reach Uptown Mondays from early out in the night and at that time Richie Feelings neva start play yet but roun 1AM when me step out fi go get a cup a soup me just see people a rush outta the venue and ah jump inna car so mi just leave to“.

Currently promoting his new single “Hustle Mi Ah Hustle” Iyara says he has nothing against Richie Feelings and hopes the public will not continue to spread the rumors.

“Me a deal wid music and ah me say hustle mi ah hustle everyday inna di street and we nah look nuh trouble, so mi just want the people to know dat” he added.

Richie Feelings Phone call To Irie Fm

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