Fernando Edwards To Release Rooted Betrayal Film

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Fernando Edwards is one who we can describe as a master of his craft  as the multifaceted writer, actor and filmmaker has been honing the skills  of storytelling from a tender age.

Today, he is the founder of Irienando Productions, a Los Angeles production base where Fernando writes, produces, directs all his films.

The Clarendon native expresses that his main aim is to bring forth films that tell stories of everyday people while showcasing different cultures and how they intersect.

His most current production, ‘Rooted Betrayal’ is classified as a psychological thriller about a love turned sour and a man’s struggle to survive the aftermath. The film is slated to hit visual platforms in early 2023 on platforms such as Amazon Prime and Tubi.

Speaking with Fernando, he expressed that his team is already working on a follow up release that will resonate more with his Jamaican roots.


“Because Rooted Betrayal has such a strong storyline, I have decided to follow up with a six episode series based off the film. After that release, there is a five-episode musical/ drama series I’m looking to develop with a full production and cast team from Jamaica”

About The Series

The series follows the story of Jermaine Kingsley, an uber talented musical artiste who lives a double life, as a Don- A title once claimed by now CEO of JAM- ROCK entertainment Christopher Jenkins, who was once the boyfriend of Jermaine’s mother.

Fernando concluded by adding; ” While visiting Jamaica, my main goal is  to understand the Jamaican film entertainment circuit more and how we can create stories that reach the international market while giving the people of Jamaica a chance to go to the movie theater and see something created by the country that will compete with the likes of other international films”

To add to his resume, Fernando has had the opportunity of working with a variety of noted  directors as an actor before transitioning into production to include; David Katzenberg in the Ballers TV series, Nick Cannon in the movie She Ball, among others.

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