Kartel States that Bounty Killer Is outdated

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Popular dancehall artiste Bounty Killer yesterday dismissed claims made by former protégé Vybz Kartel that he was “outdated”, and has launched his own ‘lyrical battle’ with the deejay.

Bounty Killer, born Rodney Price, was responding to the Vybz Kartel comment earlier this week: “Mi nah clash wid Bounty. Ninja Man a di last outdated artiste me war wid.” Killer said he would relish a lyrical battle with the deejay he was once a mentor to.

In recent times, both artistes have been at each others’ throats lyrically and the public now anticipates a potential ‘clash’ at this year’s Sting, which is set to take place at Jamworld, St Catherine, in December.

The feud has also momentarily sidelined the ‘Gaza/Gully’ affair, which is tied to dancehall cliques of Mavado and Vybz Kartel.

Since last year’s Sting, Vybz Kartel has specifically mentioned Bounty Killer’s name in songs, which contain derogatory lines aimed at the Alliance.

But it has just been within the last month that Bounty Killer has responded with Chatta Box and Ungrateful Hellboy, Wata Chune and the most recent Crosser Than Mi Ever Been .

Kartel also released a song of his own called Bownty’s Killa.

Killer, however, says, “Him (Kartel) nuh know whe him get inna. Yuh cyah say out. A me affi decide when di war done. Kartel a jump up and a sing songs, but true me nuh ansa, him seh me fraid. Me tell dem seh me nuh wah do nuh more a dis (clash) becuz a nuh di best part of me, and we av nuff gud things fi offer. All a mi life a dis me a do, but dem nuh luv nuten gud.”

He continued, “You and Mavado a war, suh how you a call my name? Dat mean seh yuh want me inna di war. Anywey, me buk him (Kartel) a ‘Sting’ dat. Suh me nuh know whe him a talk bout like me a wait fi one event. We a war till Sting come, cause a suh war go.”

Killer also blasted the claims in another Kartel song, When Since, in which Vybz Kartel said “… Killer cyah dis me.”

“How yuh fi say me cyah dis yuh? Better yuh seh me nah or me nuh wah, cause im a throw words and Killa neva inna dem moods deh. Cah me nah mek Kartel decide wah move me fi mek. Yuh nuh shame say is a old Heineken Startime deejay come tek weh yuh summer?” He said in reference to his performances at Reggae Sumfest and Champions In Action.

“Di one summer inna my life whe me ever see seh like Kartel ago own, me jus tek whe. Dats why me perform suh wicked, cause nuh devil cyah win God,” he added.

Bounty Killer also made it clear that he regretted being the one responsible for the birth of Vybz Kartel into dancehall music, and if he could, he would reverse that decision, which he made back in 1999.

“Kartel is di worst thing dat happen to dancehall music. It’s one thing I wud change in my career, and dat is to nuh buss Kartel. A di worst thing me ever do fi dancehall, bring in Kartel, see God in heaven there. A who fuss come say go ‘… yuh mada’ pon a record?’ Which other deejay yuh hear wid dat? Who else come say ‘me nuh affi know … God?'”

He continued, “A him (Kartel) dem say a di lyrical genius and him intelligent? Tell me a tune whe Kartel do better than Book Book Book. Which is more, academic and lyrical and have more influence on kids? Yuh say yuh a di devil, but dis a di real ultimate clash. God and devil a go at it now. He thinks he’s too bad. How devil fi a run? Memba a him say him a lodge, my … dem nuh join lodge, suh me jus well wah clash wid him fi teach him a lesson.”

By :Roxroy McLean

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