King Ital Rebel pumps life into reggae scene with ‘Jah No Dead’ single

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As the world celebrates the Earthstrong of His Imperial Majesty, Haile Selassie I on July 23, reggae artiste, King Ital Rebel is out to remind his loyal followers that Jah No Dead in his newly-released single from his debut album, Rebel Chant.

Released in May via King Ital’s JamrockVybz Records label, Rebel Chant has been positively received worldwide, with a flurry of songs rooted in spirituality, togetherness and survival. Jah No Dead is no exception and combines the three aforementioned elements.

“Hear the voice of the congo man say, gwaan hol di Sabbath, give thanks and praise,” King Ital Rebel sings as he swears he’s a ‘natty by birth, nah trim nah shave’ as he reaffirms his love for H.I.M. He also warns that ‘Binghi man have no place inna Babylon’ and calls on the masses to stop supporting the very sources of destruction causing strife in Africa – the heart of Haile Selassie’s existence – and across mankind.

Jah No Dead allows believers to once again declare their dedication toward Haile Selassie and ensuring his name and legacy don’t live in vain while sparking a spiritual awakening in those who doubt the power of the emperor’s everlasting presence.

Celebrate H.I.M and the foundation of the Rastafarian culture with this down to earth tune. Both the single and the Rebel Chant album are available for purchase via iTunes.

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