Krymis says he is ‘Heading To The Top’ in new single

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KrymisIn spite of the developing war between Alliance leader, Bounty Killer and long-time protégé, Mavado, emerging artist and Gully Side affiliate, Krymis aka Northbound is looking past all the negativity as he has released a single signaling his intentions as an artist, aptly-titled, Heading To The Top.

Produced by D1 Productions, this uplifting song sees the deejay live up to his Northbound moniker as he calls attention to the desire he and other ghetto youths possess in trying to reach the top of their chosen professions. Showing off his singing and deejaying skills on a up-tempo, yet conscious beat, Krymis puts true emotion into the song as he lets us know why he won’t let any negativity stop his progress while pointing out that all inner-city youths need is one chance to prove their worth in society.

“When you see the youths them a rise, just give it up, and don’t fight for the cake ‘cause it is big enough, dem nuh like ghetto youths and that’s ridiculous, badmind, grudgeful nuh wan’ fi see wi buss,” the motivated deejay sings while adding, Mi heading to the top, mi nah laugh, serious as a ute and mi nuh too talk, neva go a college, but yuh know mi street smart, true mi a no fool mek dem nuh bump mi off.”

The lyrics mirror Krymis’ mentality in a genre which, as previously mentioned, now sees two of its greats, Bounty Killer and Mavado squaring off, with the former releasing a slew of disses in his long-time protégé’s direction. Having known and been affiliated with Mavado and viewing Bounty Killeras ‘The General’ in music, Krymis insists he is taking no sides in this developing feud as his career remains his main objective.

“Right now, mi jus a do me, mi nuh inna no distractions,” he said. “I have two songs inna di juggling, playing pon regular rotation. We a get some good energy from the dance dem, including Weddy Weddy Wednesdays. That’s all I’ve ever wanted. I feel like it’s a very great step.”

In addition to promoting Heading To The Top, Krymis continues to show off his writing skills as he currently writes for fellow deejay, Quick Cook and recently featured with him on Game Over, a single feature on ZJ Liquid’s Good Book Riddim. He also is working with emerging producer, Red Boom and is featured on the Super Juggling Riddim.

Heading To The Top is a true motivational anthem that will inspire anyone to fight for their dreams no matter what surroundings they find themselves in. A sure radio hit, Krymis intends to do his best to live up to the song title with each and every effort he puts out.

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