Lady Saw and Spice beef heats up again following performance disagreement

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Spice and Lady SawRevered dancehall stars and leading divas, Spice and Lady Saw are back on the proverbial war path following a disagreement stemming from their performances at the annual Best of the Best show in Florida on Memorial Day weekend.

The latest chapter in their on and off grouse was triggered by what Spice claims was unprofessionalism on Lady Saw’s part as she performed her set on the show before her’s despite Saw being scheduled to go on after. Spice went on Instagram to bash the Grammy-winning deejay, claiming the act was deliberate and another attempt to stifle her career.

“Lady Saw run go work before me as she was scheduled to work after, but because she think she could a stop my ting. She walk on before her time and run go perform before me, but I hope she see now what time it is,” the lenghty post stated in part.

“I’m just here to do me, to do my thing and feed my two kids. I don’t know what the problem is but I just know that Lady Saw too badmind and the argument done!” 

The So Mi Like It singer insisted she was not competing with Lady Saw in anyway, but does not want to be in her shadow either.

“Lady Saw done set it already and done name weh she name and I can’t change that and no other female to come after will be able to change it either,” she said. “But, there will always be other females to come after that will want to shine too.”

Upon hearing of Spice’s remarks, Lady Saw took to Twitter to respond, saying she is only attacking her for attention and was genuinely disappointed by her accusations.

“Spice want to go on TV, radio and in the papers every week, so she seek attention, doing whatever it is to get her her notice. I’m her target,” she tweeted. “Hate is a strong word, but this woman got me thinking about it. I think I may just start hating someone. U rob me of my dignity Spice.”

The war of words between the two continued on Instagram and Twitter, causing a stir within the local music community

The beef between Spice and Saw dates back to 2012, with the feud involving a mix of professional pride with personal animous. The two have hit out at each other in various interviews over the last two year,s with the issue dying down as Saw became more scarce in the spotlight.

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