LargeUp TV: Learn the Dances From Rihanna’s “Work” Video with Blacka Di Danca

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When you hit the club tonight, and Rihanna’s “Work” comes on, you’ve got a few options. Sure, busting an old-school Bogle or Tatie is an appropriate response to the track, inspired by Richie Stephens’ Sail Away riddim from 1998. It may also be a perfect excuse to wine and bubble a little closer with that someone beside you, just like Rihanna and Drake do in the newly-released two-part video for the Billboard Hot 100’s current No. 1 single. If you are really on your game, though, you’ll take a page from the extras and dancers in the first, Director X-helmed version, and buss some of the straight-from-yaad steps seen during the course of the video.

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