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Machel Farquharson is an artist in every sense of the word. Sure, anyone can crown themselves a fashion designer. It’s pretty simple, just find a manufacturer who already has readymade clothing apply a logo, and voila….you’re a fashion designer!!! This however is not the path along which this fashion designer’s passion has led him. He describes his journey as an artistic one, a creative means to express his artistic abilities, a sense of self and everyday lifestyle.

Machel Farquharson is a fashion designer who hails from Duncans, Trelawny in Jamaica. He attended William Knibb Memorial High School and McFatter Technical where he majored in Commercial Arts. He is the CEO of MDZYN and its female counterpart brand Tease. While speaking to Machel, he enlightened to me the meaning behind the name MDZYN. The “M” in MDZYN he states, is a tribute to the great M’s in history such as the great Marcus Garvey and Malcolm X. MDYZN has come a far way since being established in 1997, Tease however was established in 2000. MDZYN and Tease are clothing lines inspired by deep Caribbean cultures and roots.

Rain: What inspires you?

Machel: Life [Pause], Life inspires me. Everything about life. My humble life style and        simply observing things around me. Nature, human beings, the color life, the things that   people do, say and the slang that people use.

 Rain: How would you describe MDZYN and Tease?

 Machel: MDZYN is an identity based brand. What that means is a representation of who you are. Which goes back to the question, what inspires me? I look at things for what they are and enhance them. Mdzyn_03

Rain: When did you first realize you wanted to be a fashion designer?

 Machel: When did I first know I wanted to be a designer???…mmmm [thinking]. I first realized I wanted to be a fashion designer when I had enough sense and faculties to move around and do things on my own.

Rain: So, did you start out aiming to be a fashion designer?

Machel: No, just to be a designer. I didn’t target it in any direction. I just know I wanted to draw and do things differently. I always wanted to do it and also looked up to good artists. Growing up in the country area, there were a lot of carvers. I was fascinated by what they did. I looked at them and said to myself, this is what I want to do but take it to another level.

Rain: Who are your favorite Designers?

Machel: I have two favorite designers. Urban, I would say Karl Kani. I love what he did. The plates at the front of the hat and the colors he used. He was first urban designer to go main stream. My favorite high end fashion designer is definitely Donna Karan.

Rain: Donna Karan????

Machel: Yes, DKNY put it like this when I grow up I want to be just like her except it would be MDZYNJA

Rain: Not even Rain Inc.?????

Machel: [Smile] Rain Inc. does the high end hippie style…….Mdzyn_01

Rain: [Laugh] I was just playing with you.

Rain: Will you ever show CFW (Caribbean Fashion Week)?

Machel: I would love to show there but I always miss it. In the near future I will I would say in 2010.

Rain: What current musician/s are you currently listening to on your IPod?

Machel: I like Mavado. I like some of the Gaza youths but I hate the rivalry between them. Mixes by fantasy King Addies and Ricky Trooper.

Rain: Which famous artist/s has worn your clothing?

Machel: Biggest artist that have worn my clothing is Wyclef Jean. On the reggae scene, Wayne Wonder, Chuck Fenda, Iwayne, Bascom X, Ricky Trooper, Bugle, Sizzla Just to name a few.

Rain: How would you describe Fashion in Dancehall?

Machel: It’s Crazy, it amazes me. There is no dancehall without fashion and no fashion without dancehall; they come hand in hand, always.

Rain: Where is your favorite vacation spot?teaseMdzyn_03

Machel: Somewhere with water and white sand.

Rain: If you could do anything else other than fashion design, what would you be?

Machel: I would be a welder.

Rain: [Startled] A welder??? Why?

Machel: Or a machinist. I like working with my hands to create.

Rain: What advice would you have for up and coming fashion designers?

Machel: Do not listen to people. Listen to the voice inside that tells you do it, just do it. At the end of the day you are going to say I should have, could have, would have but you didn’t. It’s not going to happen overnight. You have to work at it.

Rain: Do you have any words of wisdom you live by?

Machel: “Dzyn your lifestyle.”

For information on MDZYN and Tease, please visit or

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