Mark Amrett – ” Fashion Icon Of The Month”

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By Joni Brown, Rain Inc


Who is Mark Amrett? Why is he the Fashion Icon of the month? He is the Dancehall Usa’s Fashion Icon of the Month for countless reasons. This is why he is hot! He is a professional model, actor and fashion photographer. Mark is also the CEO/Founder of the fashion photography empire, Free Mind Photography. You name it; Mark Amrett has done it!

Mark was born in Spanish Town, Jamaica. He migrated to Florida with his family at the tender age of two. As far back has he can remember, he was always been interested in the entertainment industry, his focus was always in acting. Professional modeling according to Mark was a “foot in the door” to transition to becoming an actor. While modeling, he developed an interest in working behind the scenes. Fashion photography became another outlet for him to come closer to his dream of being an actor.

At first impression, one would think of Mark as being, stuck up, mean thuggin’ and standoffish. Don’t let looks deceive you. Even though he appears unassuming, his intelligence and his mind out shines his appearance. Speaking with him one on one, Mark Amrett the artist, Mark Amrett the businessman, Mark Amrett the family man emerges. He is a laidback, easy to talk to, strong minded and driven by his ambitions.

Mark has worked with top recording artists like Beyonce, Chris Brown, R.Kelly and Timberland, the list goes on. Does Nip/Tuck come to mind? Oh, yes! He has also worked along side Nip/Tuck’s Dylan Walsh and Julian McMahon on the Emmy and Golden Globe award-winning American television series. You may have also seen him on Vibes Television.

photography by Mark Amrett

photography by Mark Amrett

Rain: What is the best part of being fashion photographer the girls, right?

Mark: (Laughs) No enuh basically, the best part of fashion photography is being able to show creativity, my focal point of view and of course money.

Rain: Who is your favorite person to work with and why?

Mark: I don’t necessarily have a favorite. I love to work with a person that is on top of their game. People, who know what they want, motivate themselves and act on it.

Rain: What inspires you?

Mark: Determination to make it where I, want to be in the entertainment industry.

Rain: Where and when do you like to shoot best?

Mark: At nights, outdoors. You can play around with the different lighting to create an image so pronounced and defined that I would not be able to create in my studio.

Rain: Describe your experiences in the entertainment industry so far?

Mark: It is very time consuming, can be discouraging at times but like, I said before you have to have the determination. When I first started out, I used to go through many agencies. I could not book a job at all. I was rejected a lot. Nevertheless, as time passed I started booking jobs. It has been very hard but my focus is getting where I want to be.

Rain: Me personally caan tek rejection (laughs)

Mark: Si, dat is why yuh have to have that drive because if you don’t it will break you. I have seen people break down and cry at auditions as if dem madda dead just because they were not who they were looking for.

Rain: Fo real (laugh)

Mark: Yuh a lauf! It serious, but if someone rejects you at an audition that does not mean the next person won’t hire you. (laughs)

Rain: True

Rain: Do you have a mentor?

Mark: I try to be my own mentor. I have to believe in myself first.

Rain: Name one person (model, designer, photographer) you would like to work with and why?

Mark: Kate Moss and Agnes Deyn. They are versatile models that can be translated from high fashion runway to commercial.

Rain: What is your definition of fashion?

Mark: Fashion is an expression of ones own uniqueness

Photography by Mark Amrett

Photography by Mark Amrett

Rain: What are your views on fashion in dancehall?

Mark: Fashion plays a big part in dancehall. Dancehall in itself is like a mini fashion runway show (laughs), where anyone can enter and walk the runway all night.

Rain: What is your subject in photography?

Mark: High fashion

Rain: How would you define your style?

Mark: European rock star mixed with ethnics.

Rain: Who are your favorite Dancehall Artists/Singers?

Mark: Vybz Kartel, Busy Signal and Aidonia

Rain: Name places you have travelled for assignments?

Mark: Bahamas, Bermuda, here in Florida, Mexico, Canada, Virgin Islands LA…..yuh still want more (laughs).

Rain: But of course! ( Laughs)

Rain: Do you have a quote you live by?

Mark: “Free Your Mind for Success”

So there you have it! Mark Amrett to the worrrrrrrrrrlllllllddddddddd!

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  1. Jasmond Allen-King

    Girl you have skills, I really enjoyed reading your article. I would’ve never know of Mark Amrett if it wasn’t for you. So keep up the good work and I’ll keep reading 🙂

  2. Judian Thorpe-Jones

    Well done hon, intersting questions and answers.


    Rain: What are your views on fashion in dancehall?

    Mark: Fashion plays a big part in dancehall. Dancehall in itself is like a mini fashion runway show (laughs), where anyone can enter and walk the runway all night

    That answer was spot on. Never viewed it like that but well said. Now when i am heading out to a dance am gonna remind myself that i am going to a fashion show, so after all my dreams of becoming a model lives on…

    So when’s the date for my interview…? lol

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