Mavado Treats Guyana To Full Range Of Hits

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After all the controversy, Jamaican artiste David ‘Mavado’ Brooks, sang all of his hits, including those that had caused the Government of Guyana to earlier deem him a security risk at the National Park on Saturday night. The ‘Gully God’ as he now better known, came out on stage to loud screams from the sold-out

crowd and soon proved he would live up to his ‘Gangsta fah life’ crest. His first tune was ‘Wah dem a do’ on the Anger Management Riddim.

“Wah dem a do/wah dem try/marrow would fly high to sky/Guns me nah borrow/me money buy,” Mavado sang, later on saying, “Guyana, you know how long me wan come yah… big up dah government, me deh yah.”

Mavado is known around the world for his gangsta music, but in recent times he has changed his flow and become more versatile, singing songs that have gained him more popularity with the ladies.

He gave the ladies present a full performance of all his ‘tune fah de girls’ as he described them, and had them responding with cheers. A few times he stepped closer to those near the stage and they had a chance to sing parts of his songs as well.

However Mavado did not forget his trademark, telling his appreciative audience, “Big up Buxton, yah know, me glad dem lift dah ban, but just like how dem lif dah ban pun me, same way dah government feh help free up poor people… Guyana yah hear me.”

And that statement was followed by the song, “How yah move… seh yah want to ban the beats but yah nah ban the blues/she yah collect the tax money and yah gone pun cruise,” which is a reference to the government banning dancehall music as well as to those who feel it is not suitable for airplay but who still allow pornography and violent movies and videos 20090921mavadoto be shown on television.

That particular song had been recorded in conjunction with many other Jamaican artistes who lamented the restrictions on dancehall music in the land of wood and water.

Then it was time for another of his songs which speaks of depression in society: ‘Hope and pray.’

The show could never gone on without Mavado ‘big up’ the Gully Side but it was something of a Mavado gets the crowd involved during his performance at the National Park on Saturday (Rawle Toney Photo)

surprise when the ‘Gully God’ then said: ”All Mavado fans leh me see yah hands… all Vybz Kartel fans, leh me see yah hands.” But ‘big up’ Gaza and Vybz Kartel he did, and Kartel incidentally was the same person with whom he was involved in one of the biggest musical feuds in recent history.

Mavado said to the crowd, “Yo a music we a deal with and love and peace… you nah see me and Kartel a kill and fight one another… so let go ight people.” However, he could perhaps be accused of double standards as shortly after that he fired off the lyrics of ’Meh deh pun dah Gully side.’

“Guyana you know dem call me dah Gully God… big up Bounty Killa, a mah dans dat… but mek me see dah hands of all dah real gangsta dem on dah Gully side.” Mavado said just before singing ‘No chorus.’

The abrupt end to his fiery performance left a feeling of wanting more in his fans.

His last song was his billboard hit ‘I’m so special,’ but in the middle of the song, Mavado said “Thanks Guyana… meh love yah.” “Oh shucks, that was it?” complained one female patron, a statement that many others echoed. However, they all agreed it had been a great show.

Meanwhile, leading up to Mavado’s stellar performance, the crowd was warmed up by both local and international artistes including Jamaican star Tony Matterhorn. But it was Jory who stole the show with his new hit ‘Mr. Limpy J.

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