Mr. Lem gives a sign of of his talent with ‘Capricorn’

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Mr. Lem CapricornMixing zodiac signs with signs of lyrical prowess, emerging artist, Mr. Lem is making music lovers think with his latest single, Capricorn.

Real name, Lemour Brown, Mr. Lem blends his love for the ladies with an appreciation for zodiacs on the Show Down Riddim as he instruct his female fans to ‘bubble, bubble, whine up yuh body fi the Capricorn.’ The entertainer, who hails out of St. Ann says this fresh concept is already winning over music lovers and fellow industry players alive and educates as much as it excites.

“It’s a good look,” he explains. “This song reminds individuals to respect their zodiac signs because many people tends to pay little or no consciousness to their signs; also to respect yourself for who you are and not what others want you to be. So in spite of the bubbling and the dancehall vibe there is still positive to the song.”

Currently being distributed by 21st Hapilos and soon to be available for purchase on iTunes, Capricorn has been receiving positive feedback on overseas radio stations social media and YouTube, as well as the streets. But he hopes radio stations in Jamaica will be more willing to play the song given its vibe and concept.

“I expected to have gotten support from other means of promotion such as radio stations in Jamaica for the single,” he said. “Unfortunately it hasn’t been what I expected. In spite of their love for the song, it has always been a complication when it comes onto getting your song played or heard by these radio disc jockeys in Jamaica as there is sometimes different attributes that contributes to their action of not wanting to play an artiste song. However, Capricorn is spreading like a wild fire and cannot be stop.”

Music has been running through Mr. Lem’s veins since he was child, but it was the trials and tribulations of life that helped channel his passion for becoming an artist and ensuring he spread messages of hope and inspiration for others, such as his well-received debut single, Things Ago Betta in 2010.

“As I kept growing getting older I realize the realness of life in terms of the struggles faced by many people across the globe and I have felt the pain and had experiences which influenced me to write lyrics and speak out through the means of song and music, to be the voice of the speechless,” he said. “During this phase of experience it is real strange that I find myself banging on the wall or desk or any object that presents itself for it to be banged on.”

“Music is my everything. I listen actually every or most genre of music from hip hop, to dancehall, reggae, techno, you name it,” he added. “For me music is just music doesn’t matter who the guy is or who the artiste is I never had a favorite artiste, my favorite artiste then and now is music.”

His musical experience and confidence in his ability has led to creating singles such as We Love Di Vibz, Money She Waah and Put In On. Describing himself as a unique artist who is a ‘born leader rather than a follower,’ Mr. Lem promises to continue surprising fans with new ideas he is sure music lovers worldwide will embrace, including his upcoming single, Wet Up Badmind.

“I never stop dash water on some badmind people, who love watch out yuh life and chat and a bagga things, so this one is just a different style of attacking badmind rather than burning them musically,” he said. “So Mr. Lem will be full force with a musical warfare against badmind people, I will be wetting them up from head to toe.”

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