Nas & Damian Marley Live At Rock The Bells (video)

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The two recently previewed the album , shared some of their music with Rock The Bells crowds, and treated fans to records like “As We Enter,” “Strong Will Continue,” and “Africa Must Wake Up,” all of which have garnered positive fan reactions.

“I like to come out and tell the people live in person, ‘Yo, the album is coming’ and give them a little bit of music to start to get excited about it,” said Marley. “I think it also will help with the finishing of the album because we’re seeing how things work.”

Nas said that the Rock The Bells Tour has allowed fans to get acclimated to the idea of him doing a full album with a prominent Reggae artist.

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2 Comments on "Nas & Damian Marley Live At Rock The Bells (video)"

  1. Starz

    the dude in the back keep waving the flag non-stop..lmao what a job..lmao…looking forward to the album though

  2. $tardust

    LOL the flag man is doing a good job there… I will def get this album.. performance tight… and damn his dreads grew long!

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