New Artist ZekeDon Shuts Down BlackSand in Hollywood FL

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Zeke Don

In an ever progressing genre, Dancehall music continues to open its door to innovative and talented entertainers. As time moves forward so does the sound, and then ‘poof’ a star arises to shine.

Over the weekend, Reggae Pop Records, Zekedon, celebrated his birthday, BLACKSAND, inside the lavish and upscale night club, AVENUE 21 (Hollywood, FL) on Saturday. The party was jammed pack with fans, friends, and tastemakers from up and down the state of Florida including Ft Lauderdale, Miami, Ft. Myers, Tampa, and Orlando. People from NYC, California, and Atlanta flew in town all in support of one person, ZekeDon.

Zeke Don 2

Zeke Don 2

The night began with Onkore Sound and Music Producer, JR Taxi, where he hyped up the crowd and started the party. Up next was BlackChiney’s very own, Willy Chin and he took the crowd down memory lane with some of the best tunes from the ‘90’s. Following were Nasheen Fire, Club Killaz, Prodigy Sound, Waggy Tee Movements, Firm Music, and DJ National. They gave the crowd a night full of energy and vibes that will never be forgotten.
Before the show began JR Taxi came back for one last session to get everyone ready for the performance, and blazed a fire with the latest tunes in Dancehall.

ZekeDon opened the show with “Everyday 2 Everyday” and the spirit of the city was felt before he hit the stage. But when the beat dropped for “Struggle,” an 80’s reminiscent track, the cheers and screams came pouring in and officially started the show. Song, after song, fans sang along showing crowd participation at its best. 103.5 the BEAT’s, Papa Keith was in attendance and said, “It was a great show. I was proud to see the evolution of my peers on that stage. I’ve always loved that team. They’re humble and to see the growth was amazing.”

Being an unsigned artist has it’s challenges but with loyal fans the journey can be smoother and this was definitely shown during BlackSand for ZekeDon. Mr. Voice of the City called up some of his comrades to shared the stage and join him to perform records featuring himself. Among those artists were Young Kingz, Whitey X, Soup Scudda, Vision, Verbal, FootWorks, Stripes, Lejah, and Channel Man to name a few. The love and support for ZekeDon was felt throughout the venue and it showed on each and everyone’s face. He captivated the audience and left them wanting to hear more. ZekeDon is on a mission to the top…

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