Patrons beaten for playing Mavado

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More persons have fallen victim to the ‘Gully-Gaza’ feud that has divided both the entertainment world, and society in general.

In the latest of  incidents inspired by the madness, a Canadian couple vacationing in Jamaica received a fine beating in the wee hours of yesterday morning after thugs heard a Mavado song being played in their car

The couple had gone to Rampin’ Sundays, a weekly party held off Mannings Hill Road in St Andrew, and were attacked while being accused of disrespecting ‘the Gaza’.

Kimmy, a friend of the couple who allegedly witnessed the incident, explained that the fracas unfolded about 2:30 a.m. after police personnel declared that the music at the party be turned off.

Before leaving, the couple decided to take a few pictures with persons they had met at the party.

Their happy moment quickly turned into danger after the same men with whom they were striking poses heard a Mavado song playing in the couple’s car.

One of the alleged attackers, an upcoming deejay affiliated with the Portmore Empire, is said to have gone to the vehicle, took the keys out of the ignition and threw them away.

“When the party had ended, they were taking pictures and a mix CD was playing in their car. A Mavado song began to play and the men got upset. The same man who also took pictures with them took the key and threw it away,” Kimmy said.

After retrieving the keys, the couple decided to make a hasty retreat but were stopped in their tracks by a group of about 15 men who claimed that they had been disrespected. They were also told that such songs should never be played in that area.

The couple was not allowed to leave without being disciplined, it was further said. Their car tyres were punctured and several blows rained upon them.

“They tried to leave, but about 15 men confronted them. They hit the husband through the car window and the wife also after she tried to get them to stop,” Kimmy said. The matter was later reported to the Constant Spring Police .

Sources at the police station confirmed that the couple had indeed made a complaint and that the matter would be investigated.

Leader of the Portmore Empire, Vybz Kartel, said he was at the party but apparently left before the incident unfolded as he was unaware of it.

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4 Comments on "Patrons beaten for playing Mavado"

  1. Yo Mama

    This is f/n dumb. Fight over a song playin! Not men, small insufficient boys…Hit women and tourists. Remember, what you put out there will/does come back at that ass

  2. This is utter rubbish. New generation, do you not know that you are the reason why we as a nation are suffering when you do things like this. As a yard man mi a tell uh nuh straight, a foolishness that.

  3. blacks

    well since a so the empire people a gawn mi want uno tell kartell seh a no one baga a go win a clash a how u pull dem just like how movado beat u a sting on u fail to admit dat u last di clash on di man beat lyrically that y u run on do the last man standing. on jamaica people a no foll mi yute wen come to clash the looser is the first one who will try to defends their loses lol.

  4. A.Fukin.Problem

    Yuh know whatttt ye.. am jamaican am well proud tht im from country… and not from tht gaza and gully shit…. and all these ppl tht r killing/assualting innocent ppl over this rubbish or half fool and half idoit…. caz i wanna kno one question what the hell is gaza or gully providing for u as an individaul.
    its just pure ignorants and whole is fuckin laughing
    (it ain’t cool peeps) peace for 2010!!!

    glad mi nuh live a yard backside lmfao

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