Poor and Boasy accused of stabbing a man

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Poor and Boasy, who was accused of stabbing a man nine times, said he will be turning himself in to the police.

“Really and truly, right now mi lawyer seh no questioning, no comments about the matter. Mi a carry miself in,” said the artiste, whose real name is Omar Johnson.

However, he was unwilling to state when or where he would turn himself in.

The incident was said to have occurred after a heated argument between the two at an event in Aenon Town, Clarendon, last week Friday morning at about 1:00.

Clarke was hospitalised. After being released on Saturday, he reported the matter to the Spaldings police. The police confirmed that a report was made and that an effort was made to arrest Poor and Boasy later.

In the meantime, Magnum Tonic Wine and the Magnum Kings of Queens Dancehall competition have declined to make any comments on the matter. Poor and Boasy was the male winner of the recently concluded competition.

He further noted that Magnum has made no ruling whatsoever on the matter as to what will happen to Poor and Boasy’s relationship with the brand.

Story by: Sadeke Brooks
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