Popular dancehall DJ “Snagga Puss” now selling roots wine..

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A few years ago he was a popular deejay with many hit tunes and a unique catch phrase. Today however, he can be found on the streets of downtown Kingston selling roots drinks.

Dancehall artiste Snagga Puss, who was known for songs such as Tatti, Cyaan Cook and Urkel Dance, has been creating a buzz in a new way, selling his herbal roots drink, Nile Valley RootsThe singer insists that it was not an inability to cope with modern-day music or the pressures of the economic climate that forced him to start selling the drinks.

“From an entertainer to a herbalist? Think about it. This only shows that I am an all-purpose human being and I can do anything,” he said.

He said, however, that on a regular basis, people do mockingly look at him and say that he has fallen from grace. “People see me every day, fans, artistes and say how much nothing nah gwaan for me because me gone into herbs, but I am more than comfortable,” he added.

So comfortable is he that he has even sold his products to other artistes such as Beenie Man, Buju Banton, Anthony B and D’Angel, all of whom he claimed to have benefited from drinking his herbal mixtures.

“Is me take care of them. When them sick, is me a the first person them call,” he said.

The switch in Snagga Puss’ career came after his own illness. “I was sick (nervous breakdown) and me go doctor and thing, take pill and nothing changed. My heart usually racing and the side effects were tremendous,” he said. “Somebody tell me about a herb (Lignum vitae) and me drink it and it just bring back everything.”

He has increased his knowledge of herbs through reading books and his experience of living in Germany.

In the meantime, Snagga Puss, the deejay, said his musical career is not yet over. He is working on an 18-track album (which is yet to be named) and has been already giving it the much-needed promotion while selling his roots drinks.

While admitting that the music has changed since the Tatti days, the deejay believes that he can one day be popular again. His album, which will be released on the Nile Valley Roots record label, will be the beginning of reclaiming that fame.

As for his relationship with Shocking Vibes, the label he was once signed to, Snagga said: “We are family for life. I learnt a higher level of life and right there I got a direction of life and where I was going. I can’t depart from that.”

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