Pressure Buss Pipe wants you the hear ‘The Sound’ of good music on new album

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Pressure Buss Pipe The SoundAccomplished Reggae singer, Pressure Buss Pipe has prided his career on creating songs and vibes that not only captures ears, but minds as well. Considering that nature, he singer has used these elements to create The Sound that all true fans of the Reggae genre will consistently want to listen to.

The Sound is Pressure’s fourth studio album, a 14-track effort featuring songs and concepts entrenched in societal understanding as the Rastafarian singer speaks on various issues, from love to humanity, while sprinkling a touch of his heritage in the U.S. Virgin Islands.

The latter is evident in his single, Virgin Islands Nice, a pleasant advert for Pressure Buss Pipe’s native island, offering the world a look at the intricacies and nuances that make the U.S. Virgin Islands a must see attraction and beautiful place for one to live or visit. The official video for the song, since its February release, has over 150,000 views on YouTube and puts this soulful, yet lively advert for the country’s tourist board to picturesque visuals.

The basics of love are also showcased at the forefront of The Sound, with songs such as Show Love, a song encouraging people to embrace people and show them respect where due, even for the things we as a society take for granted. Then there are songs about the more intimate type of love such as Stop That Train, featuring Lutan Fyah, a throwback to old-time, Reggae-themed love songs that typically warm hearts with ease.

Songs like Hail The King of Kings, Herbsman Town and Cry for Humanity all range from speaking about giving thanks, peace and the desire to see more togetherness and mercy within society, showcasing the variety of sounds and themes the compilation offers. The Sound is a good example of how one artist can vocalize different ranges of emotion and concepts and leave you feeling positive at the end of the day.

The Sound will be available on iTunes on March 15 and can be sampled on the website as well as Soundcloud. Pressure Buss Pipe’s sound will certainly be pleasing to the ear.

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