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Fashion to many is “what’s in style”. According to Rain, fashion is a voice within that exudes  self-confidence which translates and outshines into garments. Translation, if you feel like excrement then you will look like a excrement. The top list was designed and created as a guide to you to emerge from your excremental state of mind into the “trendsetta” haven!Disclaimer:  Rain’s Top List was not created for you to  squander your weekly/monthly earnings by no means necessary. Nor is it responsible for delinquent payments on your car notes, rent/mortgage etc.



Louis Vuitton collections always deliver again and again. The above looks were taken from the Louis Vuitton’s Resort Collection 2010. Upon reviewing this collection courtesy of cultindie.com, it reminds me of Rihanna’s  “Good Girl Gone Bad” album. It is sweet, edgy and is at the highest pronounced level of sophistication. The vibrant primary colors and clever detailing compliments the individuality of each piece.  Check out the entire collection at www.cultindie.com.


Have you ever had a really important event to attend and suddenly you can’t find any clothing in the mall to appease your thirst for fabulousity and individualism? Ever worried about showing up at an event  and you , “Keisha and Natalee” are wearing the same identical clothing, probably a different hue? Ok, for those who have been in this icky situation, Urban outfitters is the answer to your phobia!  Urban Outfitters is go to place for individual pieces that “Keisha and Natalee” thought only existed in fashion magazine and probably were never made for real life people. Go to www.urbanoutfitters.com and tell me what you think!






A statement  is a an expression of an idea, opinion, or concept made in a nonverbal way. On Rain’s Top List a statement is  one of a kind accessories which accentuates simple silhouettes.

1) Statement necklaces are hot for this season and I predict they are going to be around for awhile. Statement necklaces instantly updates a look,  but be careful not to wear one of these necklaces with bold colorful print silhouettes. They look their best with  single colored garments.

2) This Bead and cluster ring is absolutely cute. Wear this ring with Gold, Silver or Bronze jewelry and you will  do no wrong. See www.topshop.com

3)  Cant wait to get my pair!!!!!!! Calling all maxi dresses, calling all maxi dresses!  These whimsical walnut wooden earring with sterling silver hooks can be found @ www.bellissimajewelrydesign.com.

4) True Religion’s Leyla Day Bag @ www.truereligionbrandjeans.com. This trendy tote comes with a detachable wooden True Religion medallion charm. Leyla bag made this


Baggy clothing for both men and women are so early nineties, sooooooooo early nineties and might I add, JUVENILE! Men silhouettes do not change frequently unlike women which changes ever season. I once heard menswear changes ever ten years. Now you do the math!  If your closet looks like KrisKross and Kid ‘n’ Play shrines , you have not changed your style in about nineteen years. PLEASE VISIT A GOODWILL NEAR YOU, literally!  Please review my top picks and get much needed help!


1)Please find me at www.armaniexchange.com |2) “The dirty bird” tee! Please find me at www.marcecko.com | LOL! Love this one. 3) Please find me at www.urbanoutffiters.com

4)Please find me at www.truereligionbrandjeans.com ASAP!



When you decide to move from one place to another, at some point you throw away accumulated stored junk. As I was about to discard my inventory of magazines I decided to scan through pages of one particular magazine which was dated 2005. Alas! Gladiator sandals! They have been trendy for 4 years probably more and still going strong. High heels as you know have been around since forever. The designs and materials have evolved into more clever and stylish footwear.

1)Mi numero uno! LOVE LOVE LOVE them! Look for these Free People Morgana Gladiator at www.freepeople.com. If you cannot find them, well I must of bought all the pairs! 🙂

2)Simply sweet! www.dsw.com

3)Fieerrrceee and affordable! This Miss Me Joceyln shoe goes with all color silhouettes. Think about it? One shoe for every outfit. www.dsw.com

4)Hot Steppers! The color, the gold contrast makes this wonderfully exquisite! www.topshop.com

That’s all Folks! I hope Rain’s Top List gave you  boosts of confidence, a fashionable upliftment and it is with great hope you did not squander your means. Stay tuned for more to come. If you think you are fashionably worthy of recognition, dont hesitate to email a picture with a full description of your garbs(Clothing in your fabulous pic) to rain@dancehallusa.com. You might just make  the Fashionably Worthy List! Stay Tuned!

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  1. Denyse

    Go Rain
    I love the louis vuitton shoes especially the gold 1
    the men’s shirt,the true religion bag and the hoes again from 2 to 4

    Your very fashionable girl (Very) its your true calling i see it now

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