Rihanna Wants to Rehabilitate Chris Brown’s Public Image

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rihanna4big2802_468x6761A new report claims Rihanna wants to help Chris Brown become a “better person”. The “Umbrella” hitmaker is said to be keen to “rehabilitate” the troubled singer’s image after he was arrested for allegedly assaulting her last month.

“Rihanna’s priority is to rehabilitate Chris’ terrible public image and she’ll stop at nothing,” a source says. “She’s convinced that he’s now learned his lesson and with her support and commitment will become a changed man.”

The source then reveals, “She went with him to see a trusted pastor recommended by his mom Joyce,” while adding, “At some point over the next two weeks she’ll also be going with Chris to see a therapist who specializes in anger management and couples therapy.” Rihanna reportedly also told Chris that she’ll play the supportive girlfriend if he agrees to do a TV interview.

“Chris is surrounding himself with people who are reinforcing what a good person he is and telling him what he wants to hear,” the source tells Britain’s Now magazine. “There’s no one in his camp telling him any home truths. Everyone in his circle knows that it’s in his best interests career-wise to stay with Rihanna,” the source continues. “The pastor told them about the power of forgiveness and Rihanna has really latched on to that. Monica is also God-fearing, but she just can’t bring herself to forgive Chr

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