Rokkustik Shares His “Pain” With New Single

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Introducing #CountryReggae artist, Rokkustik, the upcoming artist teams up with veteran producer, Calibud” and VPAL Music to introduce his new single “Pain” and his brand #CountryReggae.

“Pain” is the first single off his upcoming E.P which is set to release this coming Fall. Backed by an acoustic beat in which he created himself, this record really introduces a new sound of reggae. Rokkustik showcases a new hybrid genre where he fuses folk/country sounds with reggae.

The single was released at the beginning of July and has since received credible blog mentions.

More About Rokkustik

Known as a musical maestro in his hometown of Spanish Town, Rokkustik, is one of Jamaica’s newest finds. As a singer, songwriter and musician, the artists brands himself as a Jamaican “country reggae” artist, fixated on the heart and acoustics of Jamaican and Reggae music blended with a folk/coutry sound. His name derives from his nickname “Rocky” and his music style of choice “Acoustic”.

Rokkustik (Dwight Ludlow Ford) was born June 6th in early 80’s, one of Reggae’s golden era’s dominated by singers accompanied on stage by a slew of talented musicians. He grew up around the likes of Meeks n Meeks, Gary Minot and the legendary Earl ‘China’ Smith, you can almost say that Rocky was born into music.

Growing up in Spanish Town, Rocky attended Jonathan Grant High School. It was during his high school years where he started growing more interest in music. he joined the Silver Star Marching Band’s Drum Corp where he learned to play the drums. It was then, where he decided to pursue and nurture his talents as musician, he continued to learn to play the guitar and keyboard in his later years.

Currently, Rokkustik, teamed up with Calibud Music and VPAL music to release his single “Pain” which is the first single off his upcoming E.P set to release Fall 2016. Also, he has been working with artists such as Likkle Dainjah and Influence on some song writing projects, while recording for independent labels such as, Warrior House Records, Diamond Rush Records, Old Capital Records, and Cinewave International Records from Miami. He has also has worked alongside artists such as Lion Cub, DeeWunn and Big Beast, to name a few.

With an entrepreneur mindset and easy going personality, Rokkustik, is a local favorite. With his talent and determined mindset he is bound to make his mark on the international market and become an inspiration for the upcoming youth.

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