Sandi Patrice to depict the struggles of ‘Real Life’ in upcoming video

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Sandi PatriceReal Life is never easy and Toronto-based songstress, Patrice will look to depict that fact in the video for her latest single, which she will be shooting this July.

A heart-tugging reggae ballad that speaks on various roadblocks in life people can relate to, Real Life – produced by Fizzle Productions and CVS Records – is already getting a lot of positive feedback since its release in April 2016, including a feature in the U.K. based publication, Vision Magazine.

According to Patrice, the concept for the song was formed thanks to personal experiences and other issues.
“The inspiration behind the song all started out with me. When I actually wrote the song, I was going through a lot in my relationships and also in the workplace. I sat down as a writer and think about the struggles that many people go through,” she explains.

The video will be shot in her home town of St. Catherine, Jamaica. Patrice insists this setting is perfect for the visuals for Real Life considering what she went through while growing up.

“As a young girl growing up, we used to struggle a lot. We used to carry water pon wi head cause there was no water in our neighbourhood. We had to get up every morning and get ready and go pick up water, come back and get ready for school. It was a struggle for me,” she recalls.

“What better way to do it than in your home town that you faced all of these tribulations and the people around you that know what you’ve been through and support your thing. I’m taking it back to my roots.”

Additionally, Patrice will be available for interviews and other media commitments while in Jamaica for the video shoot.

Real Life will be a part of her upcoming EP, which she says will have a little something for everyone being the versatile artiste she is. “You can always a look out for one lover’s rock or one soca song or something sweet for the ladies, or even for the man dem,” Patrice says.

With emotionally-charged songs such as Can I Have You and Love Is On The Right Track to her credit, Real Life is sure to get people thinking and get TV and radio stations buzzing, with the video for the track only adding to its appeal and effect.

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