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coverjuneWho is Serani? musician, singer, songwriter, a jack of all trades . Craig Serani Marsh at a young age developed a passion for music and one day decided he and his two life long friends which also shared the same passion would  form a production company called DASECA. DASECA which is the acronyms of the founding members names was formed in 2001, Unfortunately at the time it was only a dream, being ridiculed for paying more attention to music than school serani held fast to his dreams and did not let go. His first major debut was the production of Anger management riddim which was at a stand still for a long period of time, not being known in the industry major artistes were reluctant to record on a riddim of a “NO NAME” producer. As the riddim began to create a buzz in the dancehall industry, artistes began to beat down the door of Daseca productions studio. This very riddim was the rise to fame for Mavado hailing from the gully with “Real McCoy”. With the help of Bounty Killer, Serani now had his foot in the door and refuse to go down without a fight. Focusing more on “FINDING THOSE MELODIES” serani was more into production at the time and took it very seriously.

Serani has co-produced the first two singles on Sean Paul’s platinum album “Trinity,” including ‘We Be Burning,’ which was the first released single. The ‘We be Burning’ track helped Trinity smash a Jamaican record of 107,000 copies sold in the first week.

Serani decided to take his first stab at singing while producing tracks for Mavado adding a falsetto hook to the heartfelt 2006 single “Dying.”  When the song became a hit, Serani took it as a cue to start making his own tracks and, in 2007, his debut single, “Doh,” shot to the top of the Jamaican charts and broke him onto U.S. radio stations such as New York’s Hot 97. Now firmly established as an artist in his own right, he has followed with a string of successful singles including “She Loves Me,” “Study People” and “No Games,” his biggest hit to date. The track, which meshes the pulsing throb of dancehall with an emotive R&B hook, has landed him on radio stations across the U.S. as well as the Billboard Hot R&B/Hip-Hop chart.

”Serani has sold thousands of downloads and ringtones for months, and now No Games has replaced Bob Marley’s anthem, that sells an average of 5,500 a week in downloads on iTunes.

“No Games is actually still gaining in spins across the country,” said Serani’s manager. “This record just won’t go away. Its still getting added to playlists in many states across the country every week so it continues to spread.

Serani is looking beyond the Jamaican market and straight at the world. “I’m a Jamaican artist but I just make music, period,” he says. “I always try to keep that dancehall influence but I don’t need a dancehall beat for my music to be Jamaican and pop at the same time. All I need is my voice. I open my throat and you hear Jamaica shining.

Serani Part 2: Hit Maker or One Hit Wonder?

Due to controversial comments on our last feature of Serani above we here at DHUSA would like to get your input on the comments placed by our viewers, Is Serani a hit maker or a one hit wonder we asked this question. The viewers seem to be stating Serani’s current single  ” No games”  would be his first and last international hit. According to the public his singing ability is in question. Do you think he has what it takes to survive amongst the best in the American pop market?

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  1. boo hoo

    Serani hmmmmm….dont think he has another hit in him…sorry man it ws nice while it lasted…stick to producing your better at it. UPTOWN!

  2. boo hoo

    @ DJ Nokie so i guess you think he’s gonna be the next Sean Paul….and just to let you know, you sound like a die hard fan that knows nothing about music, how about you call serani up and ask him what his next single is??? LOL

  3. Breal

    I agree with Boo Hoo…Be honest Nokie you are a DJ so i guess you have a ear for music….Home boy Serani CANNOT SING. He Probably makes a few hits in the dancehall circle because he is part of a well establish production crew Daseca so they have the connects in the dancehall market…as far as the international market goes i dont think he would last. “No Games” only hit because of Mavado “So Special” and the same person who manage Mavado manage Serani,GOOD MARKETING I GUESS. Serani also has Universal records behind him “Literally”.lol So they have more money to spend to break a single that is why the 5000 downloads a day thing was possible.
    Unless he goes and get some voice training and stop fooling himself i dont think he can be really successful in the international market, The song is horrible,his voice is horrible,it hurt my ears to hear it on the radio..from a musician point of view i would not release a track like that with my name on it even if it hits but they play a lot of garbage on the radio these days like Soulja Boy and DJ’s/Selectors get paid to buss people tune, so that is why these artists who cant sing is getting out there. Another hit i dont think so. Garbage,that what it is. He cant sing..if he hits again it all about the papers that why.

  4. Dj Nokie

    I dont wanna get in a “chick” fight here…but doo doo and Breal..who cares what his next single is..all i was trying to say is dont put the guy on the cutting board already it’s just one song so far..ya’ll start hatin..and doo doo saying i dont know anything about music..for one you ask if he gonna be the next sean clearly you forgot he sings , sean paul Dj’s…so comparing the 2 is just someone who dont have any sense..clealy. and this thing about universal paying money..THEY ARE TO MARKET THEIR ARTISTE is that a crime….

    The dude deserves to be where he is singer or no singer…ridin a coat tail or not riding a ban wagon..just stop hatin on your fellow Jamaican…and btw im not even Jamaican..thats what me. IM OUT.

  5. calico

    dj nokie must be serani brother or something….lawyer maybe i dont know…but still he makes good music to dance to nothing special….dont really see him makin much of an impact in the future though…heard he wants to depart from daseca so we will see how this plays out. looks like fame and money is about to strike again!

  6. riddimBeast interesting agruement here..but truth be told the dude caters to girsl..girls like him they wanna here him…so far all i see here is men beckering our what exactly?….lol check ya’ll self’….

  7. boo hoo

    @ nokie! its clear you are a die hard fan…i guess time will tell huh…like i said it was a nice run! the boy cant sing….just melodize! it isnt enough to maintain a professional SINGING career in these times! SORRY…lol@ doo doo…that was real original

  8. sazzysin

    ok this is how it is….Serani cyant sing… as long as he is writing good songs or is given good songs, and have nice riddims he will survive as an artist. There are a lot of artists out there dat cyant sing.. but as long as they make hot songs ppl will keep supporting dem.

  9. i like Serani, him have good songs! the new one is catchy 2 (when it’s cold)… he’s a good studio artist imo
    saw him performing in JA last year and must admit the biggest forwards came when he n Bugle did their collabs…

    blessings outta Beljam

    btw check out BESCENTA ‘s new chune: TOO MUCH WAR!!!!!

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