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Early this morning (Saturday), Dancehall artiste Spice was in a head-on, near fatal collision. The artiste was heading to Kingston from Westmoreland, for the much-publicized ‘Digicel ATI Flip It Fridays’ at the Quad, when a black motor vehicle travelling from Little Ochi sped unto the main road which Spice and others were driving.

Spice says, “Canar (her fiance) was driving and when he realised what was happening, we tried to swerve to avoid the crash, but we still collided. The man in the other vehicle was coming out of Little Ochi and said he didn’t realise that the street was finished and he was heading on to the main road. So he came out at the T-Junction without looking. I just can’t believe it even now. I can’t believe it.”

The artiste says a few minutes before the accident she started to feel sleepy, so she asked someone to exchange seats with her and take the front, so she could rest in the back seat of the Pajero. “I amthe accident 020 usually in the front seat and some of the times I’m not wearing my seat belt and last night I wasn’t because we were in a rush to get back to Kingston for the show at Quad, so I just jumped in. If I was still in the front I would have died because I would have gone through the windscreen. All of the front is totally damaged. It can’t be driven. I just can’t believe that could have been it. I am thankful to be here right now.”

In addition, the artiste’s publicist, Kavelle Christie wishes to apologise to the promoters of the event and fans on behalf of Spice. “As anyone can see her absence from the event (‘Flip It Fridays’) was unavoidable. Grace is completely out of it, but she wanted her apology out there as well. That’s just how she is as an artiste and I find it remarkable and admirable that someone could go through something like that but still be so focused and passionate about her work and fans.”

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