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stein-1Einstein has always been his stage name, but the dancehall artiste has now decided to use a shortened version and simply goes by the name Stein.

“Yuh can call it a change,” said the artiste, whose real name Jermaine Shaw. “It’s just Stein now.”

He said Einstein was a name he received during his childhood, but he hated it at the time. And even when he became an artiste and coined other stage names for himself, people still referred to him as Einstein. So after he read more about the origin and work of the German physicist Albert Einstein, whose name he borrowed, Stein began to accept the name.

But, “nowadays, nobody nuh really call me Einstein, dem jus’ seh Stein. So I felt it would be much better to just call myself Stein.

In addition, he said his fans experienced problems when they try to find him on the internet, whether on websites Youtube or MySpace. He noted that many people would appear with a search for Einstein. Thus, propelling him to change his name.

The name change is something he always thought about doing and he does not believe it will have any negative impact on his musical career.

“It nah go have no negative impact. Inna germany a Stein di people dem call me and dem call me Stein a Italy, even when mi did a call myself Einstein. The whole world ago start call me Stein,” said the artiste, who is currently on a month-long tour in the United States.

He has already done 11 of the 15 club shows that he was scheduled to do there. After the shows, Stein says he will stay in the country for a while to record songs with different companies.

When Stein returns to Jamaica in June, he will be shooting videos for his songs Safe And Warm and Represent. His nine-song compilation CD. Chimney Records present STEIN, was release recently.

Article by: Sadeke Brooks

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