The Jamaican Shower Posse – American Gangster

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American Gangster….The Jamaican Shower Posse

An incredibly violent gang with operations in the 1980s that stretched from Jamaica to New York to Miami and beyond, the Shower Posse got its name because it often rained rounds of automatic weapons fire on its victims.

From their beginnings in the ghettos of Kingston Jamaica, the Shower Posse members and their main posse rivals, the Spanglers, came to prominence as the muscle behind Jamaica’s two major political parties. Their clashes reached a crescendo in the bloody election campaign of 1980, which resulted in an influx of arms to the island and culminated in the election of Shower-backed candidate Edward Seaga. The subsequent emigration of battle-hardened Posse members to the United States, along with the sudden rise of the ’80s crack epidemic, created a perfect storm of violent crimes for money, with the Posse blamed for as many as 1,400 murders.

The Shower Posse’s acknowledged U.S. leader during this era, Vivian Blake, helps “American Gangster” tell the story of the gang’s rise and fall.

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