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Accurate#1. IT’S ALL IN THE TITLE: ACCURATE. Kabaka says this word several times throughout the record, almost as many times as he mentions being from Kingston, Jamaica. The term “accurate” can be seen as an adjective for Kabaka’s lyrical ability to flow on the beat, but it also sheds light on his ability to perfectly match his verbal styling with the beat before him. Whether it be dancehall, hip hop, or roots reggae, he has you covered. His talent is not only rarified air, it is something that is rarely seen from an artist — the ability to cross genres and do this with skill in all facets.

#2. THE LOVE BOATOn Lyrical Anamoly, Kabaka’s mixtape guest Chronixx mentions the Welcome to Jamrockcruise. This cruise was started by Damian Marley to give Jamaican artists without a US visa the opportunity to perform in front of American fans. Chronixx says, “Who’s the owner of this ship? Him name Damian. Ask him if him have a lickle space for some aliens.” Kabaka follows up by saying, “It gone international!” They are both referring to music’s ability to carry them to worlds they were previously not allowed to inhabit. Both will join the stellar lineup for the sold-out 2016 cruise in November.

#3. WAITING IN VAINWhile Chronixx compares himself to Bob, Kabaka covers Waiting in Vain on the Waiting for You remix, showing the listener that while he may be a lyricist at the top of his game, he still has a soft spot and is searching for his queen.


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