Twin Of Twins Arrested For Fraud

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Twins Of Twins

Just days after their hilarious Trial & Crosses – Stir It Up Vol. 8 comic satire was released to rave reviews, Patrick ‘Curly Lox’ Gaynor and Paul ‘Tu-Lox’ Gaynor (more popularly known as Twin of Twins) have found themselves in hot water as they were arrested and taken into custody yesterday by the Half-Way Tree police – on reasonable suspicion of fraud.

It is being alleged that they took J$50,000 from an unnamed upcoming artiste earlier this year, under the guise that they were able to give him the opportunity to travel to the United States to perform. It is further alleged that they failed to deliver on their promise, and subsequently refused to return the complainant’s money. They are now in custody at the Half-Way-Tree police station awaiting interview/questioning.

The Twins have indicated that the charges are trumped up, politically motivated and also directly related to the recent release of Stir It Up Vol. 8. According to the source, the Twins were threatened that they would be in “deep trouble” if they released Stir It Up Vol. 8.

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5 Comments on "Twin Of Twins Arrested For Fraud"

  1. Twins Fan 4 Life

    As many of you know, The Twin of Twins were arrested yesterday in HWT. We believe that this arrest was the direct result of the popularity of the new CD Stir it Volume 8, and this misuse of Justice is an attempt to undermine the credibility of the Twin of Twins. The Twin of Twins have never feared exposing the corruption and dirt that occurs within the Jamaican music industry. Before its release The Twins had threats from unknown parties that they would suffer “severe consequences” if the CD saw the “light of day.” Many artistes, and some industry executives with political power were deeply offended by the CD, and without mentioning names threats were directed at the Twins. The facts are the Twins released the new CD, and within one week, they were arrested on unsubstantiated and trumped up charges. Attached in a youtube link and audio recording of the real life “Ras Whitey” to the rescue calling out the Jamaican Police in a recorded phone conversation earlier today exposing the police and the injustice and double standard in Jamaica. The press was tipped off before the arrest, and actually reported it before the official statement was made. This is an actual recording as the names of the officers can be verified

  2. Loki

    lol reporter was gettin in on they but seriously…i really think this is a bad mind thing dem a get still…

  3. Twins Fan 4 Life

    From: Twin of Twins
    Re: June 22 Arrest in HWT
    Date: 6-25-09

    — The Twin of Twins and their management want to thank their friends and fans for all their support and faith following their arrest on June 22. As all the facts will prove, this incident was an obvious and blatant miscarriage of the Jamaican Justice System, and yet another reason that explains the public mistrust for the Police. While the Twin of Twins have nothing but the highest respect for those honest, and hardworking police officers, they have no choice but to stand up to the few misguided and ignorant members of the force that abuse their power and act immune to the same law they are hired to enforce.

    It has been confirmed by attorneys involved in the case, that the individual who police claim filed the initial complaint against the Twins returned to the station and attempted to drop the complaint when he realized The Twins had been off the island on extended tour. This individual has confirmed that he was in fact returned the funds that he paid Twin of Twins to record two dubplates that were supposed to be recorded while in Europe, and was also re-reimbursed money given to the Twins to file and pay for an NCB on-line application fee to schedule an interview at the US Embassy. The Twins initially wanted to carry the young artiste on their summer tour however due to the poor economy the promoter decided against flying up supporting artistes from Jamaica, which caused some initial disappointment. The police subsequently ignored attempts to have this complaint dropped by the person, in a flagrant effort by the authorities to discredit the Twins. Both the press and the police have also twisted the words to inflame the situation and attempted to make this appear as if the Twins were involved in the selling of U.S. Visas which is completely untrue and absurd. In what seems an overzealous and sloppy rush to judgement, those trusted to uphold the law, had ignored it in the excitement of arresting The Twin of Twins. Approximately 30 minutes after he heard of the arrest the complainant himself went to the station once again in an effort to explain that the situation had already been resolved, however his cries fell on deaf ears, and The Twins were held for over 24 hours without being formally charged. The Twin of Twins feel that it only because of the internationally outcry that included dozens of calls to the station from angry fans and inquisitive reporters, along with the diligent efforts of their attorney Christopher Townsend that they were eventually released. After which the the police in order to save face felt obligated to file what we deem as false and trumped up charges.

    One of the most compelling details related to this story is a YouTube audio recording circulating that has an Internet reporter questioning the Jamaican police about the hypocrisy of the investigation and arrest of the Twins. In a poignant moment he asks the police spokesperson why the murderer of Curly Loxx’s 6 year old son is free, while The Twins are in jail over what seems to be a minor squabble between artistes? The situations sheds light on the true problems of the Jamaican Justice system, and how the police spend their time and our tax dollars on pointless investigations and locking up innocent people, while murderers, rapists, and real criminals roam free. Twin of Twins want t use this situation to once again force the police to do their real job and arrest the murderer of 6 year old Zion Gaynor, and bring him to justice. The Twins feel that their constant pressure on the police to solve the murder of Zion, has embarrassed the force and perhaps was a factor in their arrest, and the belligerent behavior by the police that followed. Due to the popularity of the Twins and questions surrounding the case It has been reported on-line by sources close to the the department that an internal investigation maybe ordered to determine if the arresting officers violated any regulations or abused the civil rights of the two brothers. The Twin of Twins are undaunted by this incident and will keep up the pressure until Zion’s killer is behind bars, and is no longer a threat to anymore children in Jamaica. If any persons knows the whereabouts of “Denzel Delly” wanted for the questioning pertaining to the murder of Zion Gaynor, we urge you to come forward by sending an email to

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