Usain Bolt Playing With Fire In Gaza vs. Gully War?

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Usain Bolt is Jamaica’s sprint super hero, a man who will soon become the youngest ever recipient of one of Jamaica’s highest national honors – the Order of Jamaica – and a man who was recently named Jamaica’s Ambassador-at-Large with full diplomatic status; among other accolades. The on-going Gaza (Vybz Kartel) vs. Gully (Mavado) saga is never far off the radar of most young people here in Jamaica, and in many past interviews where he has been asked the question, Usain Bolt has not been afraid to state his preference for Vybz Kartel (i.e. the Gaza). In a recent television interview, he reiterated that he’s a passionate Vybz Kartel/Portmore Empire/Gaza fan, but highlighted that as long as both artistes “kept the war lyrical”, he had no problem.

Last night was Bolt’s welcome home party at his favorite place to party – the Quad Night Club in New Kingston – but he reportedly made statements on the microphone to the packed club that can only lead you to question the sensibility of his actions. According to eyewitness reports, the party was in full swing and an extended segment of Mavado songs was being played when Bolt appeared in the DJ’s booth and announced on the microphone that this is the end of the ‘Gully tunes’ and that “a gaza mi seh, and anybody nuh like dat jump inna gully.“

Knowing his famous personality, there is no doubt that his words were said in jest, but given recent violent incidents involving ‘Gaza’ and ‘Gully’ fans, and given how notoriously easy it is to incite violence here in Jamaica, his words seem a bit over the top – because ultimately this Gaza vs. Gully war is no joke. From his own perspective as well, he should recognize that by drawing lines and making statements (unsolicited), he may be playing with fire, as his almost demi-God status here in Jamaica may mean nothing to some die hard ‘Gully’ fan who decides to take him on physically or verbally because of his words

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4 Comments on "Usain Bolt Playing With Fire In Gaza vs. Gully War?"

  1. stinga linkz

    well i have to say u Jamaican ppl bias because wen the politician
    did say a GULLY him say no body had ntn to say an now the 9.58 runner a say a GAZA him say everyone has somn bad to say about it ????? Usain is entitled to his opinion and so is every other jamaican gully or GAZA

  2. Bjnr

    When Di Politician Did a say Gully. No questions asked
    Bolt a di bigman di selector a diss di man. a play pure Vado wen him culda balance di ting big Bolt him a di Boss.

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