Verse Simmonds Goes Live With DJ 4eign And Projects His Return As An Artist

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Artist and producer Verse Simmonds, went live yesterday with sound master, Dj 4eign of  Boston’s / WJMN-FM  and they discussed some very interesting topics, that proves that the “Bedroom Bully” artist, is well ahead of the game.

The world renowned producer, began his discourse with the widely known disc jockey, by speaking about his intriguing come up in the tough business of music.

In telling his story, he made it known that he started in Florida where he did music with locals, then made his way to Los Angeles and then to the trap city of Atlanta.

The “big large” artist told Dj 4eign, that he is very unselfish about his music in a way that led him to give others his songs to sing. Verse explained that was something he did a lot and, it is evident when you get to find out that a song such as “Man Down” sung by R&B icon Rihanna, as written by him.

The amazing track “Man Down”, featured a very Caribbean type vibe that certainly reflects Simmond’s West Indian nativity.

The artiste/producer who originally is from the Virgin Islands, further told the popular disc jockey that he initially started his work with Capitol Records, famous for doing work with Akon and many others.

He further stated that his first set of work was done with females in the industry and he would record and produce them.

In brand new light Verse Simmonds, went on to talk about the creative process and what he said will empower any upcoming songwriter looking to strike it big.

The hardest thing about the music industry according to the ” Big Large” artiste, is the ability to get good hooks.

He further explained that getting that part of the song right was something he was adept at. Simmons explained to Dj 4eign that his process of creating includes; helping to construct the song and fine-tuning it.

Since recent times he released a blazing track with his hot girlfriend, Jada Kingdom entitled “Bedroom Bully” that has already generated over 1.3 million views on YouTube in only 3 months.

Verse went on to tell the disc jockey that he is in a stage where he is clearing out all legal issues and heading back in the game as a recording artist, and he plans to do so with his fresh project soon to drop, entitled “Rude Boy”.

This body of work Simmonds says will be something everyone can listen to, especially Caribbean people. He likened the vibe he will bring on the project, to old dancehall music done by Sean Paul, Shaggy and others.

This type of vibe, the ” rude boy” artiste said is why some of the songs were the biggest of the time.

Before Verse drops his project, however, he says he is planning to rebrand by first dropping singles and videos.

When asked about his love life, he explained that the attraction was natural, as he was focused on his business, not looking for a relationship, but Jada popped up in his life and has been there from ever since.

The couple looked very happy on the live video, and Verse Simmonds even stated that they love doing music together and that is something DJ 4eign commended him on.

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