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Lincoln Steve Richardson born (July 14, 1987) was raised in the parish of Kingston, Jamaica in a community called Hermitage. Richardson attended the Priory High School before migrating in 2004 to the U.S. and is currently residing in Brooklyn NY.

After a few years living in the states it was customary for him to hang out with his friends and family at parties and other social events. His talent was brought to recognition by his competitive persona during one particular summer while he was at a party with friends. The Disc Jockey dropped a beat and he and his friends began to freestyle but his friend “Dweebz” was much better at free styling than he was so he decided to go back to the drawing board and make a ‘come-back.’ Lincoln received an overwhelming reception and it was then and there he opted to do music, a time when he was at a cross road in his career path. After that, the rest was history as he began to embark on his journey to becoming a known and recognised name in the business.

Lincoln has been doing music for about 2 years now, a razor‐sharp lyricist with the type of style, delivery, and dexterity that will undoubtedly lead to the success of his career. Lincoln decided to concentrate on winning over his peers and whatever audience that was present at his location until he was ready for bigger things. With that goal in mind, on weekends he would practice his art at parties or ‘Open-Mic’ sessions in neighbouring states. Richardson came up with the name 3Dot which means in the literary sense continuation. He has been working with long time friend Andrew Trabass which has been most favourable to his career as an artiste and an upcoming actor.

Armed with several mix-tapes such as “Linconology” “Lincredible” etc. and several hit singles such as “Clarks” “Weh Yoh Feel Like” ” Someone To Love” “Lyrics” “Love Come Down” “Swagtacular” the lyrical genius is ready to take over the Music Industry.

Lincoln is known for his cool yet bold and collective attitude, very competitive, enthusiastic, humorous, resilient, and most importantly a family person.

“People hate what they don’t understand and fear what they can’t conquer…” Lincoln3Dot

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