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StarOfTheShowFPrintVoicemail consist of 3 members: Oneil Edwards, Craig Jackson and Kevin Blaire. The group originally started out with Craig and 2 other members that became acquainted with each other in 1999 at a talent competition. In 2003 the group “Voicemail” was formed with the two new members Oneil and Kevin. Oneil is the son of Rupee Edwards – a well known Jamaican artist and producer. Before Kevin became a singer he use to work as a model. In turn Craig was motivated to developing an identity in music by his older brother who was a member of the “Scare dem crew.” Voicemail´s first big hit in Jamaica was entitled “Weh di Time”. After a collaboration with the dancer Bugle and the artist Delly Ranks Voicemail became more famous internationally and their music video for the song “Do What You Feel Like” was played by several TV stations in America. It quickly became obvious, that Voicemail´s unique dancing-style, draws attention internationally.

They first and foremost produced dance music for clubs, which combines their own creative ideas
with moves from the dance “Salsa”. This concept is reaching a high lifestyle which is attracting
teenagers and young adults that love to dance, extending across the boarders of Jamaica. Through
including R n’ B influences they set themselves apart and create attention not only in the USA but
also in Japan. Voicemail sold in 2007 their debut album “Hey” over 100,000 times in Japan alone
and received a double platinum plague. After six years of intensive touring the world including live
shows in front of 40.000 people in Yokohama and publishing already three albums, they are now
ready to target the european music market.

The single “Star Of The Show” is so far unique. It is a display of the musically development of the
group Voicemail. The lyrics attract both male and female. They embody the feeling of a night at a
club and leaving all the daily stress behind. This is satisfying the european listeners, which like to
dance, but does not appreciate vulgar, insulting or aggressive lyrics.

The instrumental was created by an audio engineer, who lived in Jamaica. Because of that he has a
good understanding of the european music taste and the jamaican expectations. The mixing
engineer is an exclusive producer of the german Jay-Z “Samy Deluxe”. He knows the kind of
baselines expected by the german club audience, edited the baseline according to it and mixed
the vocals. The mastering engineer is residing in germany and works across all genre of music. His
task was to give the song an objective pre-master and the average listener an appealing sound.

The Song will be released on July 1, 2009. It should be acquisition-able over digital sales as
well as over the retail trade. Contact Voicemail at : www.myspace.com/voicemailgroup

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    voicemail is easyly the best group rite now in jamaica dont believe me check out there other new single called DANCE THE NIGHT AWAY on you tube

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