Vybz Kartel “The People’s Champ”

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DHUSACOVER_AUG1Recognized by the people as one of the best Dancehall Artist in the world, Vybz Kartel has played a fascinating role in Dancehall culture, with an influence that has reached far beyond music.

Vybz Kartel born as Adidja Azim Palmer is dubbed one of the best lyricists in dancehall music to date. Vybz Kartel first emerge on the scene as bounty killers protégé, ghost writing songs for the Warlord and various artistes such as elephant man to name a few.

At the time up and coming producer Don Corleon noticed Vybz Kartel talents and eagerly started working with the artiste. Vybz Kartel then went on to create hits such as “ New millennium” on the Mad antz riddim featuring Wayne Marshall, “Why” on the crazy riddim and “why again” on the good to go riddim.

Vybz Kartel now established in the Dancehall Music industry released 2 albums produced by Don Corleon “Up 2 Di time” and “J.M.T”. He was nominated for the Source, Vibe and UK Mobo Awards. Kartel went on to collaborate with international artistes such as Juelz Santana, Jim Jones, Cameron, Missy Elliot and the move your body girls Nina Sky.

Being Bounty killer’s protégé it was no shock that Vybz Kartel would be part of the infamous group called the ALLIANCE. This group at the time consisted of the warlord himself, Vybz Kartel, Elephant man, Wayne Marshall, Aidonio, Busy Signal and now dancehall superstar the Gully Gad Mavado.

Kartel played a major role in the Alliance, helping the up and coming members to fame, but With such a powerhouse group and strong personalities there was no surprise that there would be clash of egos, never the less Kartel left the group in 2006.

With his publicized departure from the Alliance Kartel now had a few nemesis from his former group, which resulted in an ongoing feud where numerous diss records from both parties was released, such as “Mr. palmer” Vybz Kartel diss and “mofraudo” Mavado diss. Kartel and Mavado was now at the forefront of this feud.

With the back and forth diss records from both individuals it was inevitable that this feud would be settled at the greatest one night show on earth (Sting 08). Sting 2008 depending on who you ask, where you were and what you heard, the jury is still out on who won the most anticipated clash of 2008. It was 5am when the most eagerly anticipated artist Vybz Kartel and Mavado begun to arrive at the venue. Kartel made an early cameo with female Dj Spice for their performance of the hit “Ramping Shop”; it got the crowd going and raises the intensity meter.

It was Showtime and once both were on stage the words of lyrics begun to fly. The die hearted fan stood and watch while others took cover.

When the smoke cleared and the battle was over the last man standing was Vybz Kartel, to the media’s eye Mavado had won the clash but to the people of Jamaica Kartel had took home the Crown.

Months after the face-off Vybz Kartel has drop more hits on the dancehall scene than his nemesis Mavado, such as “Last man standing ”, “Dollar Sign” and “Virginity”. He has took the air wave by storm and remains a force to be reckon with

Kartel, the People’s Champ is a fresh reassessment of the place of a giant music idol, he reflects the times in which he’s living and the hardships to success. He’s looked upon by the ghetto youths of Jamaica as a symbol of hope that success is reachable.

Story By: Mr.Smith

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  1. cess

    kartel have good lyrics but he is a trouble maker and he is not loyal…cant give him any respect…..

  2. Starz

    greenhype looks like the battyman here to me…i thnk eveyone is entitled to their opinions and so forth so if storm says he is a chump then thats his or she opinion…on the other hand your glorying another man’s dominion (gazaaaa) and praising him that looks like straight affection for another man to me…but then again thats my opinion..im noooo gazza or gully neither….i just like good music.

  3. Storm

    Whats wrong with fragile muthafuckers that act like they and the fuckin artiste sleeps in the same god damn bed..lol if I wanna say he is a chump then i say what I wanna say this dude caught feeling to raassssss….lol I bet he have a tattoo on his arm too..lmao..fragile muthafuckers….

  4. FUZE



    Storm mi have a tatoo of ur mooma pon mi arm fassy!…. Lava pon yuh badmind self!… Starz mi na even badda respond to u… Look like you get to excited for a chance to act like a badman pon di net … GAZA MI SEH

  6. KESH

    ya’ll are too too funny..wht are ya’ll arguing over really..this is totally the downside of dancehall music have poeple agruing over alliance and Gaza..FOR WHAT?…STRAIGHT STUPIDITY AND I BET MOST OF YA’LL DONT EVEN LIVE AT ANY OF THE PLACES..

  7. Storm

    blah blah blah..dont have time for demon worshippers…i said what i said …if it offend you that much sorry to offend you and your man…i guess thats what it was.

  8. cammybaby

    WOW looking at the responses makes me feel sad. Yes Kartel has lyrics and he was a great artist. He has brought himself down and is dragging the influential younger generation down with him

  9. Gaza Chyle

    Ah wah some idiot bwoy feel…GREENHYPE leff some idiot…ah Gaza to di blodclat galaxy dat wi say…Gaza run di world..gully jus RUN

  10. Not Nice

    this is good….granted the majority of the “gaza” bandwagon dont know 80% of these tunes..they start yell gaza from “trailer load of money” lol

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