Vybz Kartel – “When Since” (alliance diss)

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Old habits die hard. Take hating people, for instance. Vybz Kartel, who aside from making some of the most disgustingly catchy love songs you’ve ever heard, has now managed to become some kind of new-aged Ninja Man, harboring ill will for his targets until he finds someone else to be angry with. We’d thought his beef with Mavado to be long over since the only things the Gully God cares to sing about these days are his good fortunes, but on “When Since,” Kartel has some very choice words for the entire Alliance. “Ah di coldest heart Jah Jah give me.”

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18 Comments on "Vybz Kartel – “When Since” (alliance diss)"

  1. Stark

    When Killa was on top everybody was happy. Now that Kartel is showing up Killa’s weak side, the same alliances a cry and seh Kartel “has now managed to become some kind of new-aged Ninja Man”. Ninjaman was bad all round. Apart from having some big gun tunes and is in my view directly responsible for influencing increased gun violence from the 1990’s, it was the Beenieman rivalry that mek Killa seh him bad. Fast forward 2009, Kartel is the bad deejay of this era… just as Bounty ruled once. I am confident other deejays will rise and verbally deplete Kartel or Mavado someday – A suh the biz guh

    This is my first visit to this website but the articles or at least the way they are written shows a favorable bias to the Alliance. Mavado had a great local 2007 and with ‘So Special’ a great 2008-9, however I cannot see how that merits him being ‘King of Dancehall’. What qualifies him to be crowned by this website as ‘King of Dancehall’, yet the article clearly refers to Beenieman as ‘Self proclaimed King of Dancehall’. It is time fairness and not alliances is at the forefront of Dancehall. What of Shabba? The only dancehall acts to have sold more records than Shabba are Shaggy and Sean Paul. The rest of the pecking order reads would read something like Beenie, Mad Cobra, Bounty Killa, Mavado (who is not even truly after bounty killa). Mavado is a good artiste with a great voice, but not an elite dancehall act yet. His repertoire cannot yet be compared to Bounty or Beenie or Sean Paul – least to say classified as King. ‘King’ cannot be confused with ‘current’ or hot. I don’t think hiphop fans would classify Kanye or Lil Wayne ‘Hip hop King’ although they’re on top.

  2. wacky

    (STARK)…i read it and got no bias from the article posted….i can understand why the site said “DANCEHALLS NEW KING?” it seems to be a question, which will start blog convos such as this one we are about to have. Lyrically i will always take my hat off to vybz kartel…he is a lyrical machine and in no way shape or form can mavado keep up with him in a lyrical race. Vybz kartel can not be mentioned in the category dancehall king because he has NO achievements! NONE! and its sad to say because he is talented. Mavado at this POINT IN TIME is the king of dancehall. If you check billboard.com vybz kartel has no achievements…not even in the top 100, unlike mavado that has been on the charts 14 weeks with his album with a peak position at number one…unlike vybz kartel who had a postion on the charts in 2004 for one week. There has been a time in my life when i can remember growing up and thinking to myself…and saying….hmmmmm theres shabba on tv doing his thing….theres bounty killa doing his thing….theres beenie man doing his thing….and so forth and so on with shaggy and sean paul. These are all house hold names…i have alot of international friends that know all these artist including mavado….and guess what none of them know kartel. I have never in the morning turned on my radio and heard vybz kartel on a morning show giving an interview or having a song played on the air in HEAVY rotation such as mavado’s SO SPECIAL, or Serani’s NO GAMES. so at the end of the day it isnt about bias…its about achievements. I take nothing away from kartel, but at the end of the day MAVADO and his ACHIEVEMENTS at THIS POINT IN TIME…makes him the current KING OF DANCEHALL.

  3. zagga zow

    movado will never be the king of the dancehall,unu think a so king come,hot fi now,him of to outclass the current king an thats beenie man,an do what beenie man do,movado king unu having a laugh that will never happen,one king on one king only an thats beenie man,how beenie man get to be a king him outclass yellow man in everyway,movado king fish,not king of the dancehall,one current king,run a vote an unu see movado not even close,dis a mouth talk,

  4. zagga zow

    you say look at the billboard an kartel dont have no hit on it,but beenie man have the most an it has a dancehall artist,so whats your point,beenie man have the most hits has a dancehall artist in the world,movado will never live to be in beenie man class,yard or aboard,an the world now that,beenie man his an will ever be the king of the dancehall,what beenie man do no other dancehall artist will do,the man set the trend for dancehall music worldwide,an thats a fact from slam days,to sim simm,to dude,movado will never find a tune big has them tune,beenie man his the king

  5. Gully4eva

    Kartel nah get no ratings around here.Straight gully side….Him need fi go jerk some chicken..

  6. draco

    I think that Bounty regrets he kicked Vybz out of the Alliance as he has become one of his newest threats-This is similar to when 50 Cent kicked Game out of G-Unit and the latter turned around and became his worst nightmare. Although Bounty and Vybz were close in the beginning whereas 50 and Game were never friends, it is similar. The only difference is that while Game was able to demolish G-Unit and hurt 50’s image, I really doubt Vybz can do the same to Bounty due to the fact that Bounty as well as Marshall, Bling, Ele and various others have been around for a long time.

  7. kosi

    ppl need fi realize its a lyrical war between movado and kartel. dem nuh hate each other dem jus nuh like each other to a point. kartel a try fi show he a 1 bad dj and he want ppl fi listen he tune so he have to show he hard.

  8. draco

    Thanks, Jap-youth! I think if all these guys are smart, they’ll stop beefing and just agree to a truce for good.

  9. gerard

    ur a cunt kartel listen to the gulu god he dont want to drop the full diss on u alliance not in that “not nice” alliance rule

  10. lee

    yo vybz kartel ha kill off di whole ha alliance. he might not be di king of dance hall but him is di king of good lyrics.

  11. Cammybaby

    What is really disgusting to me is that no one has commented on the fact that Vybz is creating hatred and violence on a small island that is currently self destructing. I hate what MUSIC has amounted to these days, Hip Hop is dying and so is dancehall. Gone are the days when I can go to a party and wine pon mi man all night. When I go out and the man tune dem start play, I have to step back and watch my fellow jamaicans act like idiots! GAZA! GULLY! Man please, you are repping a war that is helping who???? By you calling out what group of artists you love more is that putting money in your pockets? Is that feeding your children? Come on! These fools are getting rich off of ignorance and stupidity. I do have to commend Mavado for not responding to the feeble attempts from Kartel to continue a war that he NEEDS. I do rate Kartel also because when he does use his lyrical genius to promote “good music” it blows me away. Why would Kartel diss Mavado? that means he is putting himself in the same arena with him, they are 2 very different artist, and their fan base is very different. My mother listens to SOME Mavado songs where she will not even allow Vybz playing in her vehicle. Mavado appeals to the masses and Vybz is starting to limit himself more and more.

  12. The war between alliance and empire is a stupid and ignorant one. I hear it in bounty killer’s last interview that this episode is going to escalate into physical altercations in the future. Dancehall fans are being duped once again as many of them are not comprehending the full extent of what’s really going on in the business. People should never take sides because that’s when you begin to look like fools. This is music and entertainment and that’s all it is. When violence accur the artist are going to say the songs they make are what the people want and that’s a lie because they actually sit down and conspire how to create this type of controversy to gain fame and recognition, record sales.

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